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by Jankhaled Mahallati & Jody Taylor | Globalizing Contemporary Indonesian Design

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Still talking about interior design, at BV C-Talk # 11 we had an inspirational sharing session with Jankhaled Mahallati (left) and Jody Taylor (right) from Mahallati Interior Design Company.

Bukit Vista | BV C-talk#11 Mahallati Interior Design | Globalizing Contemporary Indonesian Design

About our inspirational speakers

Jankhaled Mahallati is the founder of Mahallati Interior. Currently, they are focused on expansion: international markets, cooperation with other services, and network expansion. He has a background in business in Denmark. As the beginning of his career, in 2008 he joined one of the biggest furniture companies in Bali which has a catalog of around 40-50 thousand items. He realized that there was a lack of understanding in the mix and match furniture section, so he started it and have done some technical work.

Jody Taylor is deputy CEO of Mahallati Interior, who mostly works on the back, such as managing interior operations, managing the recruitment process, handling transactions with clients, and so on.

Mahallati: Interior Design Company

Mahallati is an international interior design, manufacturing and production firm based in the Island of the Gods, Bali, specialized in exceptional design solutions for a wide array of 5-star projects. The company is located on Jalan Mt. Tangkuban Perahu No. 303, Denpasar, Bali 80117, Indonesia. With a team of over 120 experts in related fields and over 40 years of collective industry experience. Their Portofolio is well known for some remarkable design achievements in Indonesia, Australia, United States and Qatar.

Their projects are more conceptualized in luxury and minimalist designs, and some of their projects also take a mid-century setting. And the workers in the furniture business are very talented. It’s just that the workers here lack a vocational education background in carpentry, so experts from Denmark are stationed here. They have a factory of 10,000 square meters in Jepara.

What services do they offer?

1. Interior Design : Explore your ideas

They offer a wide range of interior design services, from initial conceptualization to final technical drawings ready for production. They also open a dialogue with their designer to find the right solution for those of you who are looking to consult about the interior design of your property and also provide you with their knowledge and guidance. The team will also facilitate you with their 3D rendering to create a live visualization of your new dream project to allow you to test and explore your ideas before placing an order.

2. Manufacturing​ : Professional and Personal

They host world-class manufacturing services and enjoy collaborative relationships with the most talented production houses in the region, pooling in generations of expertise and craft. No project is too small or too large. They really enjoy engaging in the unique and creative challenges that each brief allows us. Through both a professional and personal approach they have carved their reputation on innovation, reliability and continuous client satisfaction.

3. Consulting : Make the right choices

They also provide consultation sessions for those of you who want to ask for advice on the interior design of your property. They believe the process of creation is built on a foundation of mutual trust and an open conversation about yours and your clients’ needs. They take communication seriously and always take the time to really understand their clients, as people with their own aesthetic tastes. That’s where their expertise in all aspects of furniture design can help you make the right choices before committing to a project.

About the Mahallati Project

In project work, they always prioritize the quality of the designs they make. They use quality materials in accordance with the conditions of the room to be occupied, at a fairly affordable price. On the other hand, they also use computation systems to reduce the risk of design errors, as occurs in conventional designs.

We always strive to develop, design and grow ethically, from the way the natural and synthetic materials we work with are sourced and harvested to how they are implemented throughout our projects. Sustainability and being part of the solution that are important to us.​

Mahallati Team

They not only design villas or other lodging properties, but also design restaurants & bars and commercial & retail. Following is a brief description of some of Mahallati’s projects.

1. Kosta Hostel – Seminyak, Bali

Kosta Hostel has the ideal combination of these aspects in its mix with the emphasis of that comfy intimate feeling that a classic family home gives us. In partnering with the owners of Kosta Hostel Mahallati interior’s brief was to consult on, design and manufacture the interior and outdoor furniture. The challenge here was to create a design format that emanates a feeling of community. The tried and tested materials of Teak and rattan pole are combined with modern powder-coating and synthetic rattan to give that desired look while ensuring the products will be hard-wearing and long lived.

2. Siri Mendira Beach Villa – Candidasa, Bali

Peacefully secluded among private villas in the small village of Mendira, just before Candi Dasa, you will find Siri Mendira Beach Villas. An Estate that gives East Bali a new standard of luxury living and superior lifestyle. Built to satisfy the highest demands for luxurious holiday homes.

3. The Sanchaya Bintan Island – Bintan Island, Indonesia

While it is a collection of the finest sort, each area within the Sanchaya offers its own haven, a hand-selected sanctuary for the senses and is complete with outdoor and indoor treatment rooms that comprise the Sanchaya Spa as well as a yoga pavilion to stretch now limber muscles before the stunning backdrops.

You can check out more of their projects on their official page:

In the simplest possible way, how does the Mahallati Team usually charge for their services?

10% of the budget for building a house is for design. In interior design, we can use a computer to find faults in the house. In Indonesia, the use of traditional and manual methods is quite costly, so the exchange rate is effective. They also remember how their clients used to be small, their clients only had one villa. On their way, Khaleed began to share tasks with Jody. Jody focused on operations, and Khaleed focused on grand strategy. They believe that discipline within the company, namely in establishing work procedures, will eventually pay off.

They think through their clients

They’re thinking through their clients means that their design basis is quite influenced by the perspective of their clients or the same means providing according to client needs.

We know that excellence is not only in the grand first impression of a completed design but is also delivered through the details.

Mahallati Team

That’s why they continually answer challenging questions from their clients’ perspective. They create livable spaces that speak to their clients’ needs through a carefully cultivated and collaborative visual language. They craft experiences. They understand that great design doesn’t just inform a space, it transforms it.

Get in touch with Mahallati Interior Design

We understand that every project is a relationship and good relationships require good partners. Please browse our portfolio of work and see if our design firm feels right for you. Call us today or send us an email to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with one of our team. We would love to hear from you or meet you in person so we can talk further about your plans.

Mahallati Team

If you are interested, we can connect you with them or you can also find their contact by visiting the Mahallati Interior Design website below.


Mahallati Company Profile and Catalogue

You can also tune in to all of our inspiring discussions with Jankhaled Mahallati and Jody Taylor through the Bukit Vista C-Talk #11 event on November 16, 2020.


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Mahallati Company Profile and Catalogue Documents

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