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Where our dedicated team of employees collaboratively work to Inspire Delight and Positively Transform our  Guests, Partners, and Team!

The Bukit Vista Way

Welcome to ‘The Bukit Vista Way,’ where we delve deeper into the core of our company’s culture. Discover what makes us unique, our core values, and how we foster innovation and collaboration. Join us on a journey through the things that drive our success.

Bukit Vista’s Buddies Balance Work

Learn how we involve every team member in various divisions, providing them with a holistic view of the company’s functions to create hospitality excellence in the future.

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Bukit Vista ICE Day

Find out how we showcased our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation here in Bukit Vista by having BV ICE Day, which stands for Bukit Vista Intern Celebration Day.

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Building a Feedback Culture at Work through “Hello World”

Rooted in ‘Hello World,’ discover how we build and maintain a culture of continuous feedback at Bukit Vista.

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Revolutionizing Guest Review Management

At Bukit Vista, we’re dedicated to exceptional guest experiences. Let’s find out how our data scientist Felix’s groundbreaking solution is revolutionizing guest reviews.

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gypsy bonfire

An enchanting gathering where flames dance and camaraderie comes alive! Join us around the crackling bonfire as we stoke the fires
 of friendship, laughter, and great conversation.


Bonfire Night

19 September 2023

Our company gathered under the starlit Bali sky for a memorable bonfire night – a blend of a team outing and a heartfelt farewell to our departing members back to their city

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Late Night Cookout

20 September 2023

We have everything prepared — from savoring delicious skewers, delectable snacks, to grooving to the rhythm of music, we celebrated the spirit of togetherness 
gypsy beach party

Welcome to the Gypsy Beach Party, where the sun, sand, and sea become the backdrop for unforgettable moments of
relaxation and camaraderie!


Dinner by the Beach

1 August 2023

The sound of waves crashing against the shore provided a relaxing backdrop as we all enjoyed a delicious meal together.

NTU Students Farewell Dinner

4 August2023

We bid a fond farewell to NTU students from the PEAK program at a beachfront restaurant in Jimbaran with heartfelt conversations and shared laughter

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Career Horizon

Set off on a journey as we explore a variety of role here in Bukit Vista, personal development, and professional growth. Learn about the perspectives and experiences that have shaped our interns’ and employees’ professional journeys.

Data Wizardry: My Thrilling Internship at Bukit Vista!

Let’s explore the unique experiences and interesting discoveries that have shaped Dafa during his internship as a data scientist at Bukit Vista.

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Creating Positive Impacts as A Data Science Intern at Bukit Vista

Let’s delve into the distinctive experiences that have contributed to the growth and influenced Ferdi during his internship as a data scientist at Bukit Vista.

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Navigating My Business Development Journey at Bukit Vista​

Discover the exciting journey of our Business Development intern, Nanda, filled with experiences and valuable learning opportunities during the past two months. 

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Mastering Future-Ready Backend Developer Skills in Bukit Vista

Uncover the incredible journey of Daffa, an intern Backend Developer, as he gains extraordinary insights daily while developing his career as a Backend Developer Engineer with the company.

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Team Tales

Explore the diverse stories of our Bukit Vista team. From their unique experiences with partners and guests to the challenges they’ve overcome, get an inside look at the people who make our company special.

Building Connections and Bridging Gaps: An Offline Meeting to Remember

Come across Mahesi and Tanisma, our Business Development team, as they uncover new opportunities through a promising lead, showcasing the power of networking and proactive outreach.

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Delightful Dinner with Our Guest: A Bukit Vista Hosting Team Story

Discover the story of a delightful dinner in our Bali office, where the hosting team enjoyed an unexpected and wonderful meal with a special guest, all made possible by our CEO, Jing’s initiative.

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