Pioneering the Future: Jing’s Insights from UC Berkeley’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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As part of my role in external partner relations at Bukit Vista, I’m always keen to highlight how our team leverages personal connections to foster professional growth. Recently, I had the opportunity to delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Jing Cho Yang, our CEO & Co-founder, particularly his strategic visit to California. During his time there, Jing engaged with a diverse array of partners and alumni at UC Berkeley, his alma mater, and other influential venues across the state.

Bukit Vista Visit to California: An Overview 

Jing’s visit to California’s prestigious universities was a strategic endeavor aimed at reconnecting with old colleagues and forging new professional relationships. During this trip, Jing had the opportunity to engage with various influential figures in the academic and entrepreneurial realms. Notably, meetings with individuals like Susan from the Sutarja Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology and Ken Singer, associated with UC Berkeley‘s dormitory management and entrepreneurial initiatives, underscored the trip’s networking significance. 

During his insightful visit, Jing also become a participants in the Gemini Meetup in California. Among the notable individuals he met were Justin Woo, who facilitated the meetup, and Peter Dannenberg, a principal engineer heavily involved in developing Gemini, a platform that promises significant advancements in large language models.

Gemini Meetup (Source:
Presentation on Gemini Meet up (Source:

Additionally, Jing’s trip included a visit to San Mateo College where he met with Jing Luan and Belinda, educators deeply engaged in fostering the next generation of tech talent. These meetings provided Jing with a broader perspective on the educational underpinnings that support emerging technologies and offered insights into potential recruitment and collaboration opportunities for Bukit Vista.

Connecting Past and Future on UC Berkeley

Jing returned to his alma mater after reconnected with Susan, a representative from UC Berkeley in Bali Impact event. “Meeting Susan was like reconnecting with Berkeley’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit all the way in Bali” Jing remarked. Susan’s involvement with the Satarja Center, a hub for fostering entrepreneurial skills and innovation, highlights the global reach of Berkeley’s influence.

The primary objectives of Jing’s journey were multifaceted, focusing on networking, gaining new insights, and scouting for entrepreneurial opportunities. By attending events in California, Jing was positioned to interact with key players in technology and entrepreneurship. These interactions provided a platform for discussions on current trends in data visualization and machine learning applications, particularly their implications for industries. 

Jing on Bali Impact
Jing with Susan on Collider Cup

Reconnecting with Ken

Jing also visits Collider Cup, which brought him and Susan together to met Ken Singer, Managing Director of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. Jing’s reunion with Ken at the Collider Cup rekindled an old acquaintance that dated back to their college days at UC Berkeley. Ken, who had served as a resident assistant in the same dormitory where Jing lived, was now playing a significant role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape at Berkeley. Jing reflected on the enduring impact of such university networks, noting, “It’s amazing how our paths crossed again under the banner of entrepreneurship.”

Jing  and Ken expressed disappointment that many Collider Cup winners, despite showcasing great entrepreneurial ideas, opted to take corporate jobs rather than pursuing their own ventures. They viewed this trend as a potential failure in nurturing true entrepreneurial spirit among the participants.

Ken offered a different perspective on the matter. According to him, many of these winners initially choose corporate roles to gain essential skills, resources, and experiences. He observed that after one or two jobs, these individuals often find that their ambitions and vision aren’t matched by the corporate environment, leading them to eventually return to entrepreneurship. Ken pointed out that this pattern allows them to return to their entrepreneurial roots with a better understanding of business and a stronger network, potentially making them more successful in their subsequent independent ventures. 

The conversation also delved into the educational impact on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. They discussed whether entrepreneurship can truly be taught in academic settings or if it is more influenced by hands-on experiences and inherent risk-taking capabilities. Jing and Ken agreed that while educational programs like those at UC Berkeley can provide crucial knowledge and tools, the real essence of entrepreneurship often comes from navigating real-world challenges and learning to manage risks effectively.

The Outstanding Students in UC Berkeley

During Jing Cho Yang’s extensive networking at the Collider Cup, he met Jeev, a graduate student in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) with a focus on using advanced technologies to predict financial trends. Jeev’s research involved applying computer vision techniques, initially developed for self-driving vehicles, to analyze and predict stock market movements—a revolutionary approach that caught Jing’s attention. 

Jing with Jeev
Jing with Ardan

In addition to his encounters with Jeev, Jing also met Ardan, an Indonesian student, during a Design class in the MakerSpace at Jacob’s Hall. Ardan, hailing from Jakarta, showed considerable talent and interest in UI/UX design, though Jing could not recall the specific details of his studies. Impressed by Ardan’s understanding of design and his background, Jing immediately recognized the potential value Ardan could bring to Indonesia

In another engaging encounter at the same event, Jing met Miller Hollinger, who had recently been recognized for his exceptional work in UI/UX, specifically for achieving the best user engagement during his presentations. Miller’s intellectual prowess and his deep understanding of user experience design, particularly in how cultural contexts influence user interaction, impressed Jing deeply.

Miller's Profile
Miller when Receiving an Award

Their conversation covered a range of topics, including the influence of game design principles and cultural nuances from Japanese, Balinese, and Californian perspectives on UI/UX strategies. Jing appreciated Miller’s analytical approach and his ability to integrate complex cultural elements into practical design strategies, seeing it as highly relevant to enhancing Bukit Vista’s customer engagement strategies.

California Round Table Talk

Gathering of Minds

The first Round Table Talk dinner at Great China served as a melting pot of ideas and insights after Jing’s university visit. Distinguished guests, including Jing, Susan, Ken, and Jeev, gathered to discuss pivotal topics in entrepreneurship and the cultural dimensions that shape it. Ken led the session, focusing on how UC Berkeley alumni could leverage their education and networks to propel entrepreneurial ventures.

Visit to California
Jing in Great China
Round Table Talk

Cultural Reflections and Entrepreneurial Insights

During the discussions at the Round Table Talk, Jing provided profound insights into how cultural backgrounds significantly shape financial behavior and entrepreneurial tendencies. He and the participants pointed out that regions like Singapore exhibit a conservative financial attitude, which he attributed to their historical roots in accountancy during the British East India Company era. 

Jing further delved into a comparative analysis of cultural influences by contrasting the entrepreneurial spirit of Californians with that of other regions. He noted that California’s unique history of ranching and gold mining has fostered a culture of independence and a less collaborative attitude, which starkly contrasts with the more community-oriented approaches observed in other parts of the world.

Jing passionately proposed the idea of launching a new podcast dedicated to exploring the Bay Area‘s unique identity and culture. This podcast aims to delve into how the region’s historical backdrop of ranching and gold mining has shaped its current economic and entrepreneurial environment. The initiative seeks to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the cultural forces that influence business and personal interactions in the Bay Area, thus offering valuable insights to entrepreneurs and cultural enthusiasts alike.

Proposed Initiatives and Future Engagements

Looking forward, Jing is optimistic about the potential of UC Berkeley’s network to further enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He proposed the launch of a podcast to explore the Bay Area’s identity and cultural nuances, aiming to deepen understanding of the region’s impact on global entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Ken’s idea to initiate a global search for successful UC Berkeley alumni entrepreneurs aims to create a vibrant community that fosters continuous innovation and support among its members.

Jing envisions these initiatives as steps toward building a dynamic platform where Berkeley alumni can share their experiences and insights, inspiring and aiding the next generation of entrepreneurs. “We are exploring ways to better connect our alumni through mentorship programs and networking events that can act as a catalyst for new entrepreneurial ventures,” Jing stated.


Reflecting on his experiences, Jing feels a profound sense of inspiration and responsibility. He likened his involvement in these discussions and initiatives to participating in a pivotal historical moment, akin to being in an Oppenheimer film where the future is being crafted. “It’s an incredible feeling, knowing you’re part of something that’s going to significantly shape the world,” Jing expressed. Through strategic initiatives and continuous engagement, Jing and his fellow alumni are setting the stage for a future where entrepreneurship is not only about creating businesses but also about building a sustainable and supportive ecosystem for all who dare to innovate.

If you’re inspired by this vision of innovation and community, we invite you to explore collaboration opportunities with Bukit Vista. Visit our page to learn more about how you can join us in this exciting journey, contribute your unique ideas, and help shape the future of global entrepreneurship. 

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