Navigating My Business Development Journey at Bukit Vista​

img Nanda BukitVista | September 23, 2023

As a Business Development intern at Bukit Vista, a prominent hospitality company, my journey has been a whirlwind of experiences and learning opportunities over the past two months. My role has been diverse, involving various delegations crucial for the growth and success of the company.

One of the fundamental tasks I’ve undertaken during my internship is Offline Canvassing—an insightful activity aimed at gathering essential information about the current development in specific areas across Bali. These insights are pivotal in shaping our strategies for property investment and management in the future. I have canvassed a range of areas, including Bingin, Uluwatu, Ungasan, and Nusa Dua. Each area presents unique development characteristics, catering to distinct preferences—some offering serene retreats while others pulsate with the vibrant energy of young tourists seeking a party atmosphere.

Another enriching experience has been my involvement in the ‘Round Table Talk’, a recurring event hosted by the Bukit Vista team. This event serves as a platform to welcome more individuals into our Bali base, aiming to inspire delight and cultivate new partnerships. Participating in such events has given me a deeper understanding of the company’s values and the art of fostering meaningful connections.

Moreover, I have had the privilege to contribute to the growth of Bukit Vista by reaching out to potential partners. Despite being an intern, the Bukit Vista team has entrusted me with responsibilities that strike a balance between practical tasks and developmental expectations. Engaging with potential partners has honed my ability to listen attentively, identify their unique challenges, and effectively align these challenges with the tailored solutions that Bukit Vista offers.


My journey as a Business Development intern at Bukit Vista has been a dynamic and insightful one. The hands-on experiences and the exposure to diverse aspects of the hospitality industry have not only enhanced my professional skill set but have also deepened my appreciation for the strategic efforts that drive growth and success in this sector. I look forward to continuing this journey, contributing my best to the organization, and imbibing valuable lessons along the way.

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