Bukit Vista’s 4-Days Trial Program: A Comprehensive Approach to Talent Acquisition

img Jey Bukitvista | November 8, 2023

Hello everyone, I’m Jey, currently interning with the Human Resource team at Bukit Vista. You might have come across my previous blog posts and articles, where I’ve shared insights about our company culture and stories from our dedicated employees. Today, I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our 4-days trial program—an innovation in recruitment that has become a cornerstone of our success here in Bukit Vista.


“With initial reservations about the intensity of the 4-days trial, I found the reality to be a nurturing and resource-rich experience. My supervisor’s guidance was instrumental from days one, offering a transparent glimpse into the Bukit Vista way of life, setting a solid foundation for my journey here.”

– Yosefine Rejeki Marpaung, HR Intern

In the heart of Bali’s bustling hospitality scene, Bukit Vista stands out, not just for our exceptional service but for our revolutionary approach to building our team. The 4-days trial program is our signature strategy, transcending the traditional interview process by immersing candidates in the tangible realities of our work environment. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to innovation, providing a dual opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their skills in real-time and for us to identify those who truly resonate with our dynamic ethos.

Our 8 Core Values as Our Foundation in Searching for the Perfect Candidates

At Bukit Vista, our discerning search for ideal candidates is firmly rooted in our eight core values, which serve as the bedrock for our mission, culture, and community impact. These principles are not just words; they are the standards by which we measure the deeds and decisions of our team. We seek people who transform our core values into actual actions:

  • Don’t assume; use data:
    • In evaluating candidates, we don’t just rely on resumes or interviews. We delve into data-driven assessments, looking at how quickly a candidate learns or adapts during the trial period. For instance, when analyzing a candidate for a marketing position, we assess their ability to interpret campaign data and make evidence-based decisions.
  • Step on toes:
    • We encourage candidates to challenge the status quo. For example, in a trial task, a candidate for the operations team suggested a more efficient scheduling system that significantly improved our turnaround time for guest inquiries.
  • Be transparent:
    • Transparency is key in our feedback loop. After each trial days, candidates receive a debriefing that outlines their strengths and areas for improvement, laying a clear path for growth.
  • Details matter:
    • Attention to detail is critical. For instance, during a candidate’s trial for an HR position, one of the tasks might involve screening CVs. In this task, it’s essential for the candidate to exhibit a keen eye for detail. This means carefully reviewing each CV to assess not only the obvious qualifications and experience but also looking for subtle indicators of a candidate’s skills, potential, and fit for the role. This could include noticing patterns in employment history, specific wording that indicates particular skills or traits, or how well the applicant’s values align with the company culture.
  • Never settle:
    • Candidates are tasked with presenting continuous improvement projects that could enhance operational efficiency, exemplifying the ‘never settle’ mindset.
  • Be the hero:
    • Candidates often face crisis management situations where they must act swiftly and confidently to resolve issues, embodying the ‘be the hero’ value.
  • Fail fast:
    • In the dynamic trial environment, we encourage candidates to take calculated risks. When a new strategy fails to yield results, the focus shifts to learning from the experience and quickly pivoting.
  • Help others to help themselves:
    • Part of the trial involves mentoring another candidate or team member, demonstrating leadership and the capacity to uplift others.

Supervised Trial for Quality Assurance

The 4-days trial program at Bukit Vista is a crucial assessment phase, distinct from a development program. It serves as an experiential dive into the company’s operational heartbeat, providing candidates with a real taste of work life at Bukit Vista. Supervised robustly by the sub-management, candidates are expected to quickly adapt and align with the high standards of the company. The supervisors guide them through the nuances of their roles, offering critical insights and feedback.

However, it is important to clarify that the trial program is essentially a test of the candidate’s current abilities and potential to thrive in Bukit Vista’s fast-paced and quality-focused work environment. While candidates are supported and guided, the program primarily assesses their capacity to absorb information rapidly, apply skills effectively, and meet the company’s high standards right from the start. Improvement based on feedback is crucial; those who cannot demonstrate this ability are likely not to pass the trial process.

Transparent Feedback and Daily Evaluation

Transparency is a core principle of Bukit Vista’s trial program. Participants receive daily evaluations where their work output is candidly discussed. The feedback is straightforward: work is either up to standard or it’s not. This transparency ensures that candidates know exactly where they stand and what they need to improve. At the end of each days, a decision is made on whether they advance to the next stage. This daily assessment fosters a high-performance culture that is both nurturing and challenging.

The 4-days trial program at Bukit Vista is more than an assessment—it’s an experiential dive into the company’s operational heartbeat. This unique selection process offers candidates a slice of real work life within the company, providing invaluable insights into Bukit Vista’s culture, team dynamics, and work environment. Additionally, it’s important for candidates to understand that improvement based on feedback during this period is crucial. The trial not only assesses skills but also adaptability and growth potential. If a candidate is not showing improvement based on the feedback given, they are likely not to pass the trial process. This approach is as much a benefit for the prospective employee as it is for the company, ensuring the alignment of values, expectations, and capabilities from the outset.

Tailored Trial Stages for Comprehensive Evaluation

The structure of the 4-days trial is meticulously tailored to the specific roles for which candidates are applying, ensuring relevance and depth in the evaluation process. For instance, a candidate applying for an HR position might spend their first day engaged in resume screening—a fundamental task for any HR role. Subsequent days might include integrative tasks with other teams, such as working alongside the Hosting team or the Reservation team, to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of how interdepartmental dynamics play out in real time.


On the final day of the trial, candidates might find themselves crafting shift arrangements, a task that requires both strategic thinking and an understanding of operational workflows. The diversity of these tasks ensures that candidates are not only evaluated on their technical skills but also on their ability to collaborate, adapt, and contribute to the company’s ethos of hospitality excellence.

Benefits of the 4-Days Trial Program

Bukit Vista’s trial program offers a multitude of benefits beyond conventional assessment methods:

  • Realistic Job Preview: Candidates experience the actual work and company culture, reducing early turnover due to mismatched expectations.
  • On-the-Job Learning: Applicants are given the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their adaptability and learning speed.
  • Cultural Fit: It allows both parties to assess compatibility with Bukit Vista’s core values and work environment.
  • Customized Assessment: The tasks are designed to evaluate skills and traits that are crucial for the specific role and current team needs.
  • Team Integration: Prospective employees interact with multiple teams, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration from the start.

Concluding Thoughts

Bukit Vista’s pioneering 4-days trial program crystallizes our dedication to setting new benchmarks in both property management and hospitality, fostering an environment where visionary talent thrives. This innovative recruitment paradigm not only exemplifies our leadership within Bali’s hospitality industry but also signifies our unwavering commitment to nurturing a workforce poised for the future. Participants in this trial engage in more than tasks; they embark on a journey of professional development and contribute to sculpting the future of hospitality on this idyllic island.

We invite innovative people who are eager to embrace this challenge and promise to discover a career pathway lined with growth and opportunity. For an authentic preview of joining our team and to take the first step toward a rewarding future with Bukit Vista, we encourage you to visit our career page. Engage with our ethos, understand our methods, and start your transformative journey in hospitality with us.

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