A Delightful Dinner and Round Table Talk With Our Guest

img Ferdian Bukitvista | October 26, 2023

Hi, folks! I’m Ferdi, a data science intern at Bukit Vista and I’d like to share a story about Radit and Amanda, two dynamic members of our guest operational team, who were assigned a delightful mission by Mr. Jing, our CEO.

Striking Gold: Meeting Abhi

Their mission took them on a journey to seek the assistance of kind-hearted individuals from Singapore and Malaysia in sourcing much-needed liquor for our office. It was during this diligent search that they had the privilege of striking gold – a warm-hearted soul named Abhi. What made this encounter even more remarkable was the fact that Abhi was not just a generous soul but also one of our cherished guests from Singapore.

More Than Just Assistance: A Shared Sense of Community

What set this encounter apart was the realization that it was not merely about assistance. It was a beautiful manifestation of the shared sense of community that transcends borders. In gratitude for Abhi’s assistance, we extended an invitation for him to join us for dinner, an invitation he graciously accepted.

A Feast to Remember: Culinary Magic Unleashed

The stage was set for an extraordinary evening as our culinary wizards worked their magic, crafting a delectable feast that promised to be a culinary journey beyond expectations. It was a feast that set the tone for a memorable night.

From Dinner to Conversation: An Extraordinary Evening

What began as a simple dinner soon evolved into something far more extraordinary. Abhi seamlessly integrated into our circle, joining in on our roundtable conversation. We delved into topics that spanned the realms of Bali and Singapore, sharing stories of our diverse cultures. It was an evening that surpassed all expectations.

Sharing More Than a Meal: Stories of Bali and Singapore

As the night unfolded, it became increasingly evident that we weren’t just sharing a meal; we were sharing stories and experiences. We were breaking bread and forging meaningful connections. The bond that was forming was a testament to the beauty of shared appreciation for hospitality and culture.

A Reminder of Hospitality and Culture

This extraordinary night served as a beautiful reminder of the connections that can be made through a shared appreciation for hospitality and culture. It was more than just an encounter; it was an experience that enriched our sense of community.

Conclusion: A Night to Treasure

As we reflect on this heartwarming encounter with Abhi, it’s clear that it was a night to treasure. It was a reminder that the most meaningful connections often emerge unexpectedly when the spirit of hospitality and culture unites us in a shared journey.

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