Bayu Stiawan

Chief Technology Officer

Hi, I'm Bayu!

Joined 2016


My vision is to implement technology in a wide range of business divisions to achieve their goals. My take on technology is that the best use of a tool is to make our work easier, more efficient, and produces better results. Implementing technology is much more than just a database, CRM, POS, or mobile app. It’s how technology helps us connect with our customers and deliver their needs even before they know it.


  • 2019 • CTO
    Bringing innovation in the hospitality industry using technology. Ensuring daily operations are done efficiently, profitably and securely. Reducing human error and increasing work productivity using automation and software engineering. Anticipating industry trends using data analytics and machine learning predictions.

    AS CTO in a developing startup company means that I need to involve directly in multiple departments, to mention a few:
    • DevOps – Design and maintain infrastructure, processes, and operation of software development and deployment
    • BI – Collect, process, and visualize data to extract insight, both related to software development and company wide
    • Software development
    • HR – Recruit, mentor, and develop talents

    My primary goal is to improve the overall company’s productivity.

  • 2017 • Content & IT Manager
    Second year was a challenge since I pivoted to a different role in the company. I saw an opportunity from problems that we face in daily basis and decided to focus on solving this. I worked in multiple roles at once.

    Optimizing listing performance by taking beautiful photos and descriptions, giving best property selection and offering best deals. My job is to make sure this message to be delivered to our future guest at first encounter, via beautiful content in the form of photography, written information, and stories to answer every possible question. To emphasize the value of the neighborhood, and focus on enjoyable activities. In short term, we want to “Inspire delight”.

    The biggest challenge in a fast growing start up company is scaling its operation. We used to handle reservation in traditional way; manually and repetitive. Utilizing automation technology, we improve work efficiency and streamlined both guest and employee experience, while at the same time reducing human errors.

  • 2016 • Host & Reservation
    Taking reservation, communicating with our guests, and meeting them at the property. Providing informations and become the guest’s go to person.

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