A journey to Inspire our Partners & Guests, June Edition!

img Adiel Bukitvista | June 21, 2023

June 2nd was a day filled with excitement as we visited Bli Giri at Villa Olel. Each property we visited had a similar goal in mind.

Marcel, our talented Business Analyst, ensured smooth coordination with onsite staff, handling guest complaints, check-in processes, and guest requests. Meanwhile, Nadia, with her infectious enthusiasm, sought feedback about our BV Go Apps, resulting in positive testimonials and suggestions for improvement. Wismo, our expert relationship-builder, fostered strong connections with onsite staff and owners, delivering valuable guest reviews. Ghani, meticulously documented the processes, ensuring listing accuracy and capturing stunning photos of the recent conditions and newest facilities.

villa olel partner transformation
(As shown from the left: Marce: Bukit Vista vice lead of Hosting & operations, Nadia: Bukit Vista UI/UX Specialist, Wismo: Bukit Vista Community Manager, Bli Giri: Villa Olel staff, Ghani: Bukit Vista Content & Marketing Lead)

Property Inspection and BV GO Training

On the same day we also conducted BV Go training with Bli Nata at Rumah Taman Kutuh. Nadia personally inspected BV Go usage and received valuable feedback from Bli Nata, who found the new notification feature incredibly helpful for monitoring guest check-in/check-out.

Our visit to Pondok Nini Ubud on June 2nd also revealed an exciting development—an upcoming new 2BR Villa alongside the existing bungalow. Nadia gathered feedback from Bli Putu, an active staff member who constantly updated BV Go. We acknowledged the potential noise and privacy concerns due to ongoing construction and aimed to manage it effectively with Erica’s assistance.

bv go training with bli nata
bv go training with Bli Nata at Rumah Taman Kutuh
bukit vista partner visit
Our visit to Pondok Nini Ubud revealed a new development 2BR Villa alongside the existing bungalow.

Sharing new features and gathering feedback

The highlight of our adventure came on June 8th, known as “The Gong.” We met Bu Ayu, wife of Pak Gede and owner of Olala Penida. Nadia delivered an insightful training session on finance reports using BV Go, saving owners from manual calculations. Marcel also shared a valuable video on pricing strategy, leaving a lasting impression.

Throughout the month, we had memorable visits to Madeira Inn, Kukuh Penida, Warisan Homestay, and Merta Beach. Each encounter involved gathering feedback about BV Go from owners, training staff members, conducting inspections, and ensuring smooth check-in/check-out processes.

olala penida visit
Nadia delivered a training session on finance reports using BV Go to Bu Ayu, co-owner of Olala Penida
merta beach inspection
Nadia asking feedback about BV Go to son owner, Kadek Merta

Getting to know our partners & guests more

Our journey continued on June 9th with a visit to Putra Bali Villa, where we met the enthusiastic Bu Komang and a fascinating long-stay guest named Toby, who happened to be an avid freediver.

Meanwhile, at Goa Giri, Nadia shared her expertise with Bu Leo, empowering her to effectively utilize BV Go. We meticulously reviewed booking calendars, finances, and guest reviews while capturing stunning photos of the newly decorated spaces. Marcel efficiently coordinated guest check-ins, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

goa giri visit
Nadia taught Bu Leo (the owner of Goa Giri)how to use BV Go (before she didn’t know how to use it)
putra bali visit
On a visit to Putra Bali Villa,we met the enthusiastic Bu Komang and a fascinating long-stay guest

Our team’s June adventure was nothing short of inspiring. We strengthened relationships, gathered valuable feedback, and embraced opportunities to enhance the guest experience.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to delight our partners in our next diary edition! And Ind out more on how we aim to transform our partners and manage their property with Higher Performance & Earnings


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