Aaron’s Remarkable Stay: A Story of Exceptional Hospitality

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Some pictures of  Nusa Dua Beach Villa #6, one of Bukit Vista’s highest value property
In the world of hospitality, a memorable experience can transform an ordinary vacation into a cherished memory. Such is the story of Aaron McInnerney’s stay at Nusa Dua Beach Villa #6, a high-value property managed by Bukit Vista. This inspiring tale showcases the dedication of the hosting team, led by Marcel, our current VP of Operations, in making every guest’s dream come true.
This is Aaron and his family, our beloved guest!

The Extraordinary Guest: Aaron McInnerney

Aaron McInnerney, a discerning traveler, chose  Nusa Dua Beach Villa #6 for his recent vacation. Eager to make the most of his stay, Aaron had a unique set of requests that set the stage for an exceptional experience.

  1. Culinary Delights on Demand: Aaron had a desire for gourmet dining throughout his stay. He requested a personal chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, demonstrating his penchant for fine cuisine.
  2. Ultimate Relaxation: Seeking relaxation, Aaron also wanted two masseuses to provide a luxurious couples massage for him and his partner, creating an ambiance of tranquility.
  3. Celebration Essentials: To celebrate his wife’s birthday, Aaron requested roses, a bottle of champagne, and a pavlova cake, emphasizing the importance of creating memorable moments during their stay.

Our Team that Went the Extra Mile

Bukit Vista’s hosting team, led by Marcel, accepted Aaron’s unique requests as a delightful challenge. Their commitment to exceeding guests’ expectations was evident in their relentless efforts to ensure every request was fulfilled to perfection.
The journey to fulfill these requests involved coordination, communication, and dedication, as they liaised with vendors and partners across the region to source the best chefs, masseuses, and the finest quality items.

The Result: Inspiring Delight

By the end of Aaron’s stay, the team’s hard work paid off, and the guest left a glowing 5-star review on Airbnb, expressing his satisfaction.


Aaron McInnerney’s stay at Nusa Dua Beach Villa #6 is a testament to the exceptional level of service provided by Bukit Vista’s hosting team. Their dedication to ensuring guests have a memorable experience is a shining example of what hospitality should be.
In a world where personalized experiences are highly sought after, this story reminds us that exceeding expectations and going the extra mile can create a lasting impression that guests will cherish forever. Bukit Vista continues to set the standard for unforgettable getaways, proving that in the world of hospitality, dreams do come true.
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