5 Best TV for Airbnb Bali in 2022 (+ Price Range and Features)

img | July 27, 2022

If you want to pamper your guests to the fullest, providing best tv for airbnb is the solution!

As an owner who places great importance on the guest experience at your property, having the best smart tv is one way to do it.

Providing the best tv for airbnb is one way to win the hearts of your guests while surfing the airbnb page. This is because smart tv has many advantages and premium quality for guests who want to spend their time at your property relaxing while watching tv series

Having best tv for airbnbAirbnb or vacation rental is an easy win for your guest experience. Throughout their trip, most guests will want to be able to sit back, relax and watch a movie or TV series.

For those of you who want the best quality tv on your Airbnb, Bukit Vista has put together some of the best and newest smart TVs you can check out in 2022. Read more below. 

What Type of TV is The Best for Airbnb?

1. Provide Varieties of Streaming Apps Access

In the age of sophisticated technology, many smart TVs have provided various advanced features that are different from the usual tv. One of the features provided by smart tv is to provide various access to streaming apps, such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and others. 

With the increasing trend of staycations and work from anywhere, there is an increasing demand for property facilities that satisfy and meet the needs of guests. By having the best TV for airbnb  at your property, guests can access various kinds of entertainment and access the internet to their heart’s content on TV.

2. Appropriate scale for the room

If you want to buy a smart TV for your property, pay attention to the size that fits your property. Pay attention to your TV room, and consider choosing a TV size that is not too big for the TV room. 

You can choose a TV size from 32 inches to 50 inches to suit your room as we will describe below:

  • 32 until 43 inch

If you have a property that is not too big, we recommend choosing a Smart TV that is not too big too. You can choose a Smart Tv with a size of 32 to 42 inches.

The size of the Smart TV will not take up much space and make the room less cramped. In addition, Smart TVs with sizes from 32 to 42 inches are not expensive, so you can save money.

  •  50 inch

With the increasing number of advanced features offered by Smart TVs, making a person’s needs more diverse. Not only used for watching entertainment such as movies, sporting events and others, now many people use Smart TVs to play games or make presentations during WFA.

To meet the needs of such guests, you can provide a 50 inch TV. The large size of the TV will be able to satisfy your guests when using it. Playing games will be more exciting until the presentation screen is wide and easy to read.

  • 65 inch
If you have a luxury property and want furniture that makes your room look more luxurious, Smart TV size 65 is right for your wishes.
The right-sized TV will make your room more luxurious and spacious. Especially if your property has a modern home design and is supported by a luxurious interior.
In addition, the large TV also makes the viewing atmosphere feel like in a cinema. You can support your TV with big speakers as well as a soft and large sofa. family guests will be very interested in a property like this.

3. Secured with The TV Stand or Wall

When you have a large TV, consider placing a TV stand or mounting it on the wall. This will protect your TV from something unexpected such as a small child on your property.

If you don’t protect your TV properly, your TV may be pulled or pushed causing damage. So to avoid this, protect your TV properly so that these things don’t happen and the guest experience is maintained.

4. High Resolution

When choosing the best Smart TV for your airbnb, also pay attention to the TV resolution you will choose. For the best quality, we recommend that you choose at least 1080p or 4K resolution. TV quality with these specs provides the best picture quality.

5. Easy to Use

Making it easy for guests to access and use the amenities in your airbnb is very important. Therefore pay attention to your Smart TV so that it is easy for guests to use. 

In addition, also pay attention to your WIFI speed. You don’t want to lower the guest’s mood if slow internet access bothers them at any time, do you?

What Smart TV Features You Should Have for Airbnb

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5 Best Smart TV List You Should Check in 2022

1. Samsung 43" AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

best tv for airbnb with
Best Smart TV with UHD Crystal and Clean Cable Solution features to beautify your minimalist room. Photo by Samsung.com

If your room has a minimalist interior and you want an elegant impression, then the Samsung 43″ AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV can be your consideration.

This Smart Tv features a very thin and slim UHD Crystal. In addition, this Smart TV is also equipped with a Clean Cable Solution feature with neat cables and does not display messy cables in the area around the TV. 

You can get this Smart TV starting at IDR 7,290,000.00. Get Samsung 43″ AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K here. 

2. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32"

best tv for airbnb
High picture quality and screen sharpness to make the viewing experience more exciting. Photo by Xiaomi

The second choice of the best and newest Smart TV in 2022 for your airbnb is the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 offers very high picture quality and screen sharpness. Of course, this TV will provide a satisfying and maximum guest experience while watching Marvel series with family on your favorite streaming application.

For that, then you can add streaming applications that you have such as Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+ and others.

In addition to its sophisticated usability, this Smart TV is also equipped with a remote control that is minimalist and easy to use even if you want to integrate it into a smartphone.

You can find the price of this Smart TV at a price of Rp. 1,999.000,00. Get the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 here

3. LG UP75 4K Smart UHD TV

The wide screen makes presentations easier and more comfortable. Photo by LG

If you want to pamper your guests who are on WFA, this type of TV is suitable for your property. You can choose the LG UP75 4K Smart UHD TV.

This Smart TV offers an AI ThinQ feature that can capture voices to give orders so that guests don’t need to use the remote control.

The clear and large screen also makes it easy for guests to carry slides clearly. In addition, this LG Smart TV is equipped with a Filmmaker Mode feature. This feature can make the image look more natural and look real according to the vision that the director wants to show.

So, this product is also perfect for pampering your guests who like watching movies from Netflix or other streaming services.

You can get this Smart TV with prices starting from Rp. 7,359.000.00. Get the best offer here

4. Toshiba Smart Android TV V35 Series

best smart tv for airbnb
Smart TV's high quality and performance provide a different experience while watching. Photo by Toshiba

Smart TV recommendations this time are no less sophisticated than before. This product is the latest release from Toshiba which is equipped with the latest technology.

Smart Android TV V35 Series uses special technology from Toshiba, namely Regza Engine and Regza Power Audio. This technology can produce a higher contrast image and seem real.

Regza Power Audio technology combines Dolby Audio and DTS technology. Both of these technologies can produce clear and powerful audio. So, if you want to give an atmosphere of watching like in a cinema, this TV can be your alternative.

You can get Smart Android TV V35 Series starting from Rp. 5,690,000.00. Explore more here

5. Sharp 60 Inch Android TV 8K Resolution

Smart TV with 8K high resolution and 7 protection technologies for guaranteed long-term use. Photo by Sharp

If you have a family room that is quite spacious, luxurious and want to provide the best quality TV, then don’t hesitate to take a look at this Smart TV. 

This Smart TV from Sharp has an 8K resolution that provides extraordinary image sharpness. Coupled with a screen size that reaches 60 inches, it provides a guest experience that can spoil their eyes while watching with friends or family.

In addition, this product is of high standard with 7 Shields Protection technology. This technology is able to protect your TV from vibration, drops, lightning strikes, high voltage, humidity, high temperature, and more.

You can get this Smart TV with prices starting from Rp. 29,999.000,00. Get the best offer here. 


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