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Hi I’m Erica, A business development specialist here at Bukit Vista in charge of converting and maintaining a delightful relationship with partners. Over the past months, I’ve spoken with various property owners and investors to discuss their concerns and provide tailored advice to help them navigate the rental property business by phone or a delightful dinner conversation from our round table talk
business dinner with property owners and accommodation agents

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of property management and accommodation services, property owners often find themselves at a crossroads, pondering how best to manage and profit from their valuable assets efficiently. Two prominent options that frequently emerge are enlisting the assistance of accommodation agents and embracing the comprehensive solutions offered by property management companies.

In this article, we will discern the fundamental distinctions between accommodation agents and property management services, unraveling their unique strengths and limitations. By the end, property owners will be better equipped to make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.

 Let’s differentiate between property management and accommodation agents while highlighting their respective pros and cons:

Accommodation Agents: The Pros and Cons

Accommodation agents are typically a person or business that arranges the selling and renting of properties on behalf of the landlord. They play a significant role in connecting property owners with potential guests. Here are the advantages and disadvantages associated with accommodation agents services to property owners :


    1. Matching Services: Accommodation agents specialize in finding suitable guests for your property, making it easier to fill vacancies.
    2. Minimal Involvement: Property owners have limited responsibilities as agents handle the guest booking process


    1. Limited Property Care: Accommodation agents typically focus on guest placement and may not prioritize property upkeep or enhancements.
    2. Lack of Control: Property owners may have little say in the selection of guests and limited control over the property’s condition.
    3. Liability for Damages: Owners often bear responsibility for damages caused by guests, without insurance coverage from the agent.
Lilis (our VP of business intelligence) and Bayu (our CTO) explaining the different data we collect analyze to track our partner's property performance.

Property Management: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Property management is usually a company that offers supervision and hospitality management services for commercial property.
Property management generally has a professional team (marketing team, reservation team, property maintenance team, finance team, guest relations team and others.) that handles various problems and provides solutions for the benefit of the client’s property.
Here are the benefits and drawbacks associated with property management company:


    1. Insurance Coverage: Reputable property management companies often provide insurance coverage for damages caused by guests.
    2. Dedicated Services: Property management teams offer guest services, including reservations, ensuring a seamless experience.
    3. Maximized Performance: These teams work diligently to optimize property performance, potentially leading to higher occupancy rates and better returns.
    4. Quality Assurance: Regular property inspections and maintenance ensure the property meets high-quality standards, enhancing guest experiences.


    1. Exclusivity: Property management services might require exclusivity, limiting owners from working with other management companies.
    2. Structured Approach: Property management services follow a structured process, which might not suit all property owners’ preferences.
    3. Higher Commitment: Property owners need to actively engage with the management team, collaborating on decisions and updates.
Bukit VIsta BV GO simplifies property management and empowers you with control, making it the ideal solution for Bukit Vista Partners to streamline property processes.

Bukit Vista: Elevating Property Management

Among the options available, Bukit Vista stands out as a property management company with a comprehensive and unique approach.

Advantages of Bukit Vista property management include:

  1. No Management Fee: Bukit Vista eliminates management fees and provides revenue sharing, ensuring alignment with property owners’ interests.
  2. Experienced Team: With over a decade of experience and more than 30,000 combined reviews on Airbnb profiles, Bukit Vista offers unparalleled expertise.
  3. Personalized Services: Bukit Vista provides a dedicated team for property management, maximizing performance, and offering exceptional customer service.
  4. Cutting-Edge Tools: The BV GO app offers real-time property performance reports, reservation details, and revenue insights, empowering owners with data-driven decisions.
  5. Added Value Services: Free professional photoshoots, marketing assistance, and even a general manager are included in the package.

Kembang Kuning Transformative Journey 

Meet Linda, the visionary manager at Kembang Kuning Villa, who has completely revolutionized the guest experience through her team’s adaptability and dedication. Linda, in partnership with Bukit Vista, has seamlessly transformed the way they operate. With Bukit Vista handling online bookings, Linda now directs her attention to perfecting the guest rooms and ensuring the smooth operation of the property. This collaborative effort has yielded an astonishing 13,000% increase in revenue since the onset of the pandemic, underscoring the invaluable support property management services can provide to property owners like Linda.
kembang kuning growth
Kembang Kuning Revenue Growth


When managing accommodation properties, it’s crucial to distinguish between accommodation agents and property management services. While accommodation agents specialize in guest matching and minimal owner involvement, property management companies like Bukit Vista offer a more comprehensive approach, focusing on property care and guest services. At the end of the day, the choice between the two should align with your property goals and the level of involvement you desire in managing your accommodation.

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