6 New and Unique Bali Villa Design Ideas for Your Rental Property in Bali

img | June 11, 2022

Are you planning to build a rental villa in Bali but still confused of finding a perfect bali villa design ideas for your rental property in Bali? We got your back!

If you want your villas to stand out, you need to choose a new and unique bali villa design. It essential to differentiate your villa than the other property and show the uniqueness of your villa. Bali villa design concept can certainly be the main point for guests staying at your villa. 

Rental property places such as villa are now more in demand by tourists. It because the privacy that they are more prefer due to the current global pandemic, so it more safety and comfortable. Besides that, villas also have complete facilities and interiors that are no less beautiful and Instagram-able than the high-end properties. 

A unique and beautiful bali villa design concept will make guests feel more homey and would love to take pictures at interesting spots in villa. Make your villa more standout with beautiful and unique concept that Bukit Vista has recommended to you. Let’s read down below!

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Beautiful Bali Villa Design Ideas That You Can Choose!

1. Minimalist Homestay Concept

minimalist home as a bali villa design ideas
The minimalist villa design concept is in great demand because it looks simple, modern and clean. Photo by Bukit Vista

One of the simple bali villa design ideas that you can choose is the minimalist concept. Minimalist and modern bali villa design are now in great demand by many people, because the arrangement is quite simple, modern, and looks clean. The minimalist villa design concept also has its own advantages.

To create a minimalist villa design, you don’t need to make a complicated interior design and have a lot of decorations. Because basically, minimalist design only prioritizes simplicity in terms of function and form.

However, to add an aesthetic impression to a minimalist villa design, you can add an interesting combination of materials, such as wood, stone, or glass that can give your villa a unique texture and character. 

2. European Style

european home style as a bali villa design ideas
The European style villa design concept displays an elegant, classic, and unique impression. Photo by onekinddesign.com

If you want a bali villa design concept that is classic, modern and looks luxurious, the European-style villa concept can be your choice. The European style villa design certainly has its own uniqueness, because it combines influences and architectural styles from countries in Europe, such as Italy, France, England, and Spain.

European style villa designs are in great demand by many people because of their classic, elegant and aesthetic appearance. The usual European-style building forms have various characteristics, as well as unique ornamental details. This is what makes the European design style instagramable in the eyes of tourists.

By choosing a European style design, you will have many interesting and Instagramable spots in your villa. This can be the highlight of your bali villa and make it stand out.

3. Ethnic Home Style

ethnic home style as a bali villa design ideas
The ancient impression and the local atmosphere are the uniqueness of the ethnic-style villa. Photo by Bukit Vista

Villa with ethnic house designs are most often found in Indonesia. Indonesia has a variety of ethnic houses based on ethnicity and culture in each region. The ethnic style house is never timeless because it has its own uniqueness.

Although it looks ancient and simple, therein lies the advantages of the ethnic style house. Many tourists like this style of house because it has a different impression of a stay experience compared to other places.

Staying in an ethnic style house will give guests the impression of a strong local atmosphere. If you have an ethnic style home, you have the opportunity to transform your home easily. You only need to add decorations that are distinctive and characterful to further add to the aesthetic impression of your bali villa.

4. Farmhouse

farmhouse as a bali villa design ideas
Farmhouse style villa gives a quiet, comfortable and cool country atmosphere for guest. Photo by Bukit Vista

If you want to prioritize an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort, and simplicity in your homestay, the farmhouse design concept is the right bali villa design ideas! Farmhouse is a style of home that focuses on the concept of a house in the countryside. Although the focus is on a rural atmosphere, you can also create a home style like this in urban areas.

To create a farmhouse-style villa, you can combine brown, beige, white, light yellow, brick red, orange, to dark blue colors. These colors give the impression of a house that is calm, warm, and of course comfortable.

You can also add furniture and other decorations that can add a bit of a modern feel to your homestay. Although prioritizing simplicity, adding modern elements will give your villa a unique and more attractive aesthetic.

5. Industrial Home

industrial home as a bali villa design ideas
An edgy and cohesive impression is the highlight of the industrial-style villa. Photo by unikavaev.com

This villa concept is the most different concept compared to other concepts. What distinguishes this concept from the others is in terms of the building elements that show off the appearance of an unfinished or polished building.

This industrial concept gives a very edgy and cohesive impression. This is the unique point of the industrial concept. The concept of a building like this is increasingly in demand by many people who like a minimalist style and want to display a different style.

To create an industrial-style homestay, you can combine materials and furniture made from metal, gold and copper color combinations, exposed brick walls, cement floors, concrete or terracotta which reinforces the unfinished impression, which is the hallmark of the industrial concept.

The industrial concept was initially rarely used for residential buildings and was more commonly used in cafes or restaurants. But now there are many housing or inns that use the concept because more and more people are interested in the concept of industrial-style houses. And you can definitely choose this concept as a unique bali villa design concept ideas!

6. Modern and Futuristic Home

modern and futuristic ethnic home style as a bali villa design ideas
The futuristic villa design puts forward a modern impression like in the future. Photo by lookboxliving.com.sg

One other bali villa design concept ideas with modern concept that you can choose is a modern and futuristic design concept. The concept of modern and futuristic design is a style that gives a touch of the future that is quirky and unique. Futuristic design concepts usually feature unusual building styles, such as squares or rounds, to irregular shapes. This is the point of uniqueness and advantages of modern and futuristic design styles.

To create a villa with a modern and futuristic design concept, you can use furniture that is unique and different. Starting from the selection of chairs, sofas, tables, beds and other furniture. In addition, you can also combine white, yellow or silver as a wall color as a simple way to give the impression of a futuristic-style design for your villa. The white color will also give an elegant and spacious impression to the room.


Choosing a unique bali villa design concept concept is important to bring guests to your homestay. Even though you want to show a simple impression, you can still combine other concepts for your villa. 

But there’s nothing better if you have a professional assistant to help you. As a Bukit Vista partner, you can connect with our expert to consult how you can achieve your dream property! Visit the Bukit Vista page to learn more about our services and contact us now to get FREE consultation with our professional team in person.

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