Bingin Sun & Moon Villas Positive Transformation Journey with Bukit Vista

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Greetings! I am Furqon, a dedicated and results-driven PR specialist with a passion for crafting compelling narratives and building strong relationships. With a spirit of sharing positive transformation journey, I am excited to share our inspiring transformation story about our positively transformed partner.

In the heartwarming tapestry of hospitality, few stories shine as brightly as the one we’re thrilled to share with you today. At Bukit Vista, our unwavering commitment to crafting transformative experiences for our partners, guests, and team members has found a resounding echo in the remarkable journey of Bingin Sun & Moon Villas.
From the moment we joined hands with Bingin Sun & Moon Villas and the visionary owner, Bli Rio, in March 2020, a story of shared aspirations and exponential progress began to unfold. With a clear vision to positively impact the hospitality landscape, our partnership took root, promising a mutual journey towards innovation and guest-centric excellence.

Tendi’s Touch: A Transformation Beyond Ordinary

The journey thus far has been nothing short of spectacular. Month after month, we’ve witnessed a remarkable upward trajectory in Bingin Sun & Moon Villas’ performance. As each day passed, we realized that our shared commitment to transformative growth was not just a goal – it was a reality we were crafting together.
July marked a milestone moment in this journey – a period when Tendi, our esteemed Property Manager, orchestrated a transformation that would leave an indelible mark on Bingin Sun & Moon Villas. Our goal was clear: to elevate the guest experience to unprecedented heights during the peak season. And so, the villa underwent a metamorphosis that touched various aspects, culminating in a harmonious blend of functionality and finesse.
Meet Tendi, our property owners’ hero

Empowering Excellence: A Renewed Staff Management Approach

A critical cornerstone of our transformation involved a seamless transition of staff management. Through a meticulously crafted contract agreement, we ushered in a new era of clarity, purpose, and professionalism. With clearly defined roles, structured work schedules, and transparent policies, every staff member found themselves part of a unified vision. The introduction of a transparent salary structure and enticing incentive bonuses injected fresh vigor into the team’s dedication, creating a workforce committed to delivering excellence.

Front Office Redefined: Where Convenience Meets Care

Empty space was reimagined as a welcoming Front Office, perfectly attuned to the needs of our guests. This wasn’t just about check-ins; it was about offering a seamless self-check-in experience that empowered our guests while preserving the human touch with staff availability. The new setup meant our guests could effortlessly begin their stays, knowing that assistance was just a step away.
Tendi & Kayla (Vice President of Operations) worked together with Bingin Sun & Moon Villas lovely onsite team to transform the messy and unorganized rooms to a lovely Front Office!

Safety Through Vigilance: The CCTV Assurance

To ensure both guest satisfaction and safety, we installed CCTV cameras within the Front Office. This vigilant measure provided a triple-layered benefit: enabling smooth self-check-ins, enhancing guest security, and offering real-time oversight of the property. This amplified security extended to staff monitoring, fostering a culture of accountability and dedication.
The installation of CCTV is one of our commitments to inspire delight!

Embracing Change: Bli Rio’s Wholehearted Welcome and Shattering Revenue Records

Our partner Bli Rio’s enthusiasm and appreciation for the transformation were truly heartening. The collaborative spirit that underscored the entire process was a testament to the power of shared vision and aligned goals. Bli Rio’s open embrace of the changes showcased the incredible synergy that’s born when partnership meets purpose.
The story culminated in a crescendo of success that resonated through Bingin Sun & Moon Villas. With our innovative measures in place, the villa achieved its highest revenue milestone in three years. This achievement didn’t just mark a financial triumph; it stood as a beacon of the potential that’s unlocked when expertise, vision, and commitment intertwine.
bingin sun yoy growth
Bingin Sun Revenue Growth

Your Journey Starts Here: Partnering with Bukit Vista

As we conclude this chapter of transformation, we invite you to explore the myriad possibilities that await. Our journey with Bingin Sun & Moon Villas illuminates the path to growth, innovation, and profound guest experiences. Now, it is your time to outshine your best achievement and let your property reveals its own maximum potential through partnering with Bukit Vista.

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