Inspiring Delight: Creativity in Sustainability

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Welcome to the Inspiring Delight series, where we introduce the visionary partners of Bukit Vista, a property management company committed to sustainability. In this edition, we are excited to showcase Bli Kresna and his sustainable property, Bird Hills tree house (@birdhills_bali). Join us as we explore Bli Kresna’s inspiring journey, his creative process in building Bird Hills, and his collaboration with Bukit Vista.

Part I: Bli Kresna's Inspiring Journey

Bli Kresna, an introvert with a deep love for the jungle, found his motivation to build Bird Hills. His story begins with a personal connection to nature and a desire to create something truly unique. Setting up camp near the property, he was captivated by the breathtaking views and felt compelled to share this beauty with others.

Bli Kresna’s background played a significant role in shaping his vision for Bird Hills. The decision to build a sustainable property with the beautiful view as its centerpiece was inspired by his respect for the environment. Rather than destroying the natural surroundings, he sought to integrate harmoniously with the landscape, leaving it undisturbed.

Beyond the property itself, Bli Kresna’s journey highlights his dedication to creating opportunities for the local community. By employing people from the area, he not only supports their livelihoods but also fosters a sense of pride and empowerment within the community.

bird hills staff

Another standout feature of the experience at Bird Hills is the wonderful partnership with the local community of Tangkup-Sidemen Village, where the talented locals prepare an exquisite set menu featuring a variety of traditional dishes. What makes these culinary creations truly special is the emphasis on using ingredients sourced directly from local farmers. By prioritizing local sourcing, Bird Hills not only ensures the freshness and quality of the dishes but also actively supports the local community and economy. Every bite becomes an opportunity for guests to savor the flavors of Bali while making a positive impact on the lives of the people who call Tangkup-Sidemen Village home.

Part II: Bli Kresna's Creative Process and Collaboration with Bukit Vista

Bli Kresna’s creative process in building Bird Hills reflects his commitment to sustainability. His vision extended beyond conventional designs, incorporating innovative elements that blend seamlessly with nature. From the architecture to the interior decor, every aspect of Bird Hills was thoughtfully designed to create an immersive and sustainable experience for guests.

Bli Kresna (@kresnaprayoga18), the visionary behind Bird Hills, generously shares his insights into his creative process, unveiling a unique perspective that has fueled his success. He reveals that thinking from a child’s perspective has been a catalyst for his creativity, igniting his desire to build a tree house that would capture the imagination of guests. The use of recycled wood in constructing the tree house aligns with Bli Kresna’s commitment to sustainability and has been a key factor in Bird Hills’ achievements.

Collaborating with Bukit Vista, Bli Kresna found the perfect partner to bring his sustainable vision to life. Through a comprehensive property management package, Bukit Vista provided the expertise and support needed to ensure the success of Bird Hills. From marketing to operations, Bukit Vista’s holistic approach empowered Bli Kresna to focus on the creative aspects while they handled the logistics. Additionally, their revenue projection services have proven invaluable in determining return on investment (ROI) and guiding strategic decisions. With Bukit Vista’s assistance, Bli Kresna’s sustainable dream has blossomed into a thriving reality, illustrating the power of collaboration in creating exceptional and financially viable properties.

The collaboration between Bli Kresna and Bukit Vista has been instrumental in bringing Bird Hills to life. Their shared passion for sustainability and property management expertise have resulted in a remarkable partnership. Together, they have created a property that not only inspires delight but also exemplifies the fusion of creativity and sustainability.


Bli Kresna’s inspiring journey and creative approach to sustainability serve as a beacon of inspiration for property owners and managers. His dedication to preserving the environment, uplifting the local community, and pushing the boundaries of creativity showcases the transformative power of sustainable property management.

The importance of creativity in sustainability cannot be understated. By embracing innovative solutions, incorporating eco-friendly practices, and collaborating with like-minded partners such as Bukit Vista, property owners have the opportunity to make a lasting impact of property in Bali. 

We encourage readers to explore the possibilities of sustainable property management and consider partnering with Bukit Vista to embark on their own inspiring journeys. Together, we can create properties that inspire delight, foster sustainability, and leave a positive imprint on our planet and communities.

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