Brand New Modern User Interface Of BIGGR Property Notes

img Ferdian Bukitvista | September 21, 2023

Get to Know BIGRR

BIGRR is a web application developed internally by Bukit Vista. It is accessible to employees as well as partners. BIGRR is constantly updated to improve the usability for the convenience of the usage.

The New Modern User Interface of BIGRR

Thanks to one of our frontend engineers, Wendyanto, the overall look and feel of the property note UI has been improved to be more modern and user-friendly. The changes include a more consistent usage of color scheme, larger font sizes, and adding more space. As you can see, the notes now have a card-like appearance.

The new property note user interface of BIGRR

Managing tags also gets easier than ever. The new update brings a separated tags section, so user can now manage tags without having to open the note itself. This is done by clicking the new “tag” icon abouve the search bar. This icon will open a model dialog where users can add or remove tags.

Tags Management Section

Another minor update are the removed floating action button to save or edit notes. Instead, these buttons are now located at the top of the note, along with the cancel and delete buttons.

How To Use The New BIGRR Property Note Feature

Nothing much changes in term of usability. There are the steps to create a new note on the new BIGRR property note:

  1. Click the “Add new note” button.
  2. Input the title, tags, and content. You may as well attach relevant files.
  3. Lastly, just click “Save” to add the newly created note

We are constantly updating and developing BIGRR for the convenience of the users, so if you’re a partner or employees, feel free to use the newly developed features & give feedbacks!

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