BVGO: Unveiling New Features for a Better Experience

img Vidi | September 13, 2023

Welcome to the BVGO 2.8 Release Newsletter!

We are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements and features in BVGO’s most recent update, version 2.8. As we continue our journey to provide you with an exceptional experience, this release brings significant improvements that we believe will elevate your interaction with the app.

In BVGO 2.8, we’ve focused on three key areas to make your experience even more enjoyable:

  1. Payout Details Enhancement: Managing your earnings has never been easier. We’ve revamped the payout details section, allowing you to view payout bundles, identify bookings bundled together, and get a clear picture of your overall earnings.
  2. Enhanced Reviews: We’ve overhauled the review system to provide a comprehensive assessment of every aspect, from accuracy to cleanliness, communication to location, and value. We’ve also added a handy translate button to help you read reviews in your preferred language.
  3. French Translation Enhancement: For our French-speaking users, we’ve made significant improvements to the app’s French translation. We want to ensure that BVGO is accessible and enjoyable for all our global users.

Throughout this newsletter, we’ll dive into each of these features, providing insights into how they work and how you can make the most of them.

Are you excited? We certainly are! So, without further ado, let’s explore the BVGO 2.8 release and all the fantastic additions it brings to your BVGO experience.

Enhanced Earnings Management

BVGO 2.8 introduces an exciting enhancement that simplifies your earnings management – the Payout Details Enhancement.

Image: Payout bundle now available!

The “Enhanced Earnings Management” feature in BVGO 2.8 is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive view of your financial interactions within the platform. This improvement is all about making your earnings and payout information more transparent and accessible.

With this feature, you can:

  • Easily identify payout bundles: Understand which bookings are grouped together in a single payout, giving you greater clarity on your income sources.
  • Access a comprehensive overview: Get a detailed breakdown of your overall payout amount, including earnings from individual transactions.
  • Match the value of the payout bundle with the value you’ve received in your bank accounts.

That covers the “Enhanced Earnings Management” feature. Now, let’s move on to the exciting enhancements made to our review system in BVGO 2.8.

Enhanced Review System

In BVGO 2.8, we’ve reimagined the way you interact with reviews of your properties. Our Enhanced Review System offers an upgraded experience that allows you to assess every aspect of your BVGO property listings with precision.

Image: Review System Enhancements

The Enhanced Review System brings a host of improvements tailored for property owners like you:

  • Comprehensive Review Categories: We’ve introduced new review categories, including accuracy, check-in experience, cleanliness, communication, location, and value. Now, you can receive detailed feedback on specific aspects of your property listings.
  • Revamped Review List: The review list UI has been redesigned for a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Easily manage and respond to reviews from your property guests.
  • Translate Button: Translate Button: We understand the importance of language diversity. That’s why we’ve added a translate button that allows you to view reviews in your preferred language, as set in the application.

With this enhancement, you can now enjoy the BVGO experience in the language that suits you best.

Enhanced French Translation

Bonjour! In BVGO 2.8, we’re excited to announce significant enhancements to the French translation of our app. We’re committed to providing a seamless experience for our French-speaking users, and this update is a testament to that commitment.

Image: French Translation Enhancement

Feature Description:

The Enhanced French Translation feature includes:

  • Improved Clarity: Our team has meticulously refined the French translations throughout the app, making sure that every word and phrase is clear and accurate.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: We’ve optimized the app’s interface to ensure that it’s as user-friendly in French as it is in English.
  • Language Diversity: BVGO is used by people from all around the world, and we want to cater to your language preferences. With this enhancement, you can now enjoy the BVGO experience in the language that suits you best.

These improvements ensure that our French-speaking users can navigate the app effortlessly and fully enjoy all that BVGO has to offer.

That concludes our exploration of the Enhanced French Translation feature in BVGO 2.8. We’re excited to continue enhancing your BVGO experience, no matter where you are in the world!

Embrace the BVGO 2.8 Experience

BVGO 2.8 has brought a wave of enhancements and features that are designed to elevate your experience with our platform. Here are the key takeaways from this exciting release:

  • Enhanced Earnings Management: Simplify your earnings tracking and gain insights into your income sources with the Payout Details Enhancement.
  • Revamped Review System: Property owners can now receive more detailed feedback on their listings, with new review categories and improved user interface.
  • French Translation Enhancement: We’ve improved the French translation to ensure a seamless experience for our French-speaking users.

We encourage you to explore these new features and make the most of them. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine and improve BVGO. Your voice shapes the future of our platform.

Ready to experience the latest and greatest BVGO has to offer? Here’s how you can take action:

  • Download/Update the App: If you haven’t already, download the BVGO app or update it to version 2.8 to access these exciting features.
  • Share Your Feedback: We value your input. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

As always, Inspire Delight!

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