4 Easy Steps to Expert Coffee-Making: Unveiled at Bukit Vista’s Coffee Workshop

img Matthew Bukit Vista | February 18, 2024
coffee workshop
Dea the Model

Welcome, coffee enthusiasts! Today we will unveil the secrets to serving coffee that delights the senses and impresses guests. To be specific, we gonna make Americano & Vietnamese coffee. Our model, Dea Novita from Bukit Vista will guide you in this coffee workshop through the craft of a skilled barista. Without further ado, let’s embark on this caffeinated journey together!

1. Gather Your Coffee Essentials

Let’s start this coffee workshop journey by assembling all the necessary components. You’ll need clean glasses, coffee beans, a reliable coffee grinder, boiling water, a sturdy pot, and any additional accessories that aid your coffee-making prowess. These foundational elements are crucial for crafting that perfect cup. You can see it all from the very first picture on top.

2. Heat the Water to Perfection

Carefully pour fresh water into your chosen pot and gradually bring it to a boil. This step is about patience and precision, as the ideal water temperature is vital for extracting the full flavor of the coffee beans.

coffee workshop
Boil the Water

3. Crafting Two Distinctive Styles: Americano and Vietnamese Coffee

Before going any further, I just want to give notes that we will learn on creating two distinct coffee experiences. First, the classic Americano, known for its robust simplicity, and second, the Vietnamese coffee, celebrated for its unique preparation and bold flavors. We’ll show you how to make the Americano first.

A. Americano Mastery

Here I’ll make the steps into points.

  • As always, start by precisely measuring your coffee beans. With your grinder at the ready, aim for a fine, consistent grind that promises a smooth, rich base.
  • As the water reaches the perfect temperature, anticipate the magic about to unfold.
  • Pouring the hot water over the freshly ground beans in a measured manner, you orchestrate the first act of your Americano’s creation.
  • The result will be harmoniously balanced cup, embodying both strength and simplicity.

I’m sure it sounds a bit poetic. Well I think it can’t be helped since my Great Poetic Teacher taught me a lot about it. Anyway I’m sure you noticed that the name “America” is written in Italian way. Some of you may already know, but for you who don’t, the name Americano became popular because WW2. I think Mr. H is not the only one who becomes popular after WW2. Check it out if you’re interested to know more.

coffee workshop
Mr. Jing Helps Dea Grinding the Beans

B. Vietnamese Coffee Craft

Next is how to make Vietnamese coffee.

  • As starter we can use a unique drip filter usually known as Vietnamese Phin.
  • This method requires a slightly coarser grind. You can put the beans atop the filter and pour the boiled water.
  • The way it works are similar to Pascal Law in Physics (get ready to receive call from Blaise Pascal at 3:00 AM if you don’t understand what I’m going to explain). The boiled water will created steam, then the steam will push the water up and when it reached the coffee bean, it will percolates to the beans and create the coffee.
  • It takes time for the coffee’s essence to merge with the sweet, creamy caress of condensed milk (if you use milk).
  • The result is not just a drink, but an experience – rich, layered, and utterly captivating.
Dea Using Vietnamese Phin to Make Vietnamese Coffee

4. The Final Flourish: Savoring Your Barista Masterpiece

As our coffee workshop draws to a close, the moment of truth arrives! Inhale deeply, taking in the rich bouquet that heralds the arrival of your handcrafted brew. With the cup cradled between your hands, let the warm anticipation wash over you. As the flavors unfurl on your palate with the first sip, you’re not just tasting a beverage; you’re experiencing a story woven from your own dedication and flair. Raise your glass in celebration of the artistry you’ve harnessed, the joy of coffee shared the Bukit Vista way!

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