Fostering Education and Collaboration: Bukit Vista’s Remarkable Week with Denpasar’s Institutions

img Ferdian Bukitvista | October 26, 2023

Hi, folks! I’m Ferdi, a data science intern at Bukit Vista and I’d like to share a remarkable story about how we build new connections with several education institutions.

In the world of education and industry, the power of collaboration and outreach cannot be overstated. At Bukit Vista, we are proud to have engaged in a remarkable week of strengthening ties with Denpasar’s esteemed educational institutions. This journey represents our commitment to education, growth, and community.

A Memorable MoU Signing

Syelynn and Yosefine, dedicated members of our Human Resources department, took on the role of HR ambassadors as they embarked on a momentous mission. At SMK Kertha Wisata Denpasar, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signaling the beginning of an exciting partnership. Joining hands with Pak Wika and Bu Dewi, this event was a moment of celebration, marked with 🎊 to commemorate the promising collaboration.

Exploring Akademi Pariwisata Denpasar

In our quest to strengthen ties and explore new horizons, we paid a visit to Akademi Pariwisata Denpasar, a hub of hospitality education. Here, Syelynn (left) and Yosefine (right), engaged in a quick chat with Bu Widya (middle), shedding light on the profound impact of education in shaping the future of the hospitality industry.

Welcoming the Future: Our First Daily Worker

One of the most exciting developments from this week is the commencement of our first daily worker from SMK Kertha Wisata. This marks a new beginning and a strong commitment to nurturing young talent, providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

Conclusion: Nurturing the Seeds of Collaboration and Growth

The week we spent with Denpasar’s institutions was more than just a series of meetings and agreements; it was about nurturing the seeds of collaboration and growth. Our commitment to education, partnership, and community is unwavering. As we embrace the future with our first daily worker, we look forward to the promising journey that lies ahead, knowing that education and collaboration are the cornerstones of progress.

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