Content Pillar : Transforming Instagram Engagement

img Ganes Nugraha | July 5, 2023

In today’s digital landscape, social media platforms play a crucial role in establishing a company’s online presence and engaging with its target audience. As a Digital Marketing intern at Bukit Vista, I noticed that our company’s Instagram account was not as active as it could be, and the workflow for creating content lacked structure. Recognizing this opportunity for improvement, I discussed my observations with Bang Wismo, our Community Manager, who shared a similar vision. Together, we embarked on a project to revitalize our Instagram presence by implementing a content pillar strategy.

Our company’s Instagram account was not achieving its full potential due to a lack of consistent and engaging content. The absence of a designated person in charge (PIC) for content creation resulted in disorganized workflows and slow progress. To address this issue, we proposed the implementation of a content pillar project to create focused, valuable, and visually appealing content that would resonate with both our partners and potential guests.

Explanation of the Project: 

The content pillar project aimed to establish a strong and structured foundation for our Instagram content. By adopting a content pillar approach, we created high-quality, comprehensive pieces of content that catered to the interests and needs of our target audience. This strategic content served as the main focal point for specific themes related to our partners and potential guests.

(This is our content pillar table that shows project details)

Implementation of the Project:

Partner-Centric Content: 

To support our partners and promote their properties, we created content that showcased their listings through Instagram feeds. We also produced transformation videos that highlighted the remarkable changes that occurred after they became our partners. This content not only increased partner satisfaction but also attracted potential partners who desired similar transformations.

We interview one of our transformed partner after they became our partners

Guest-Focused Content: 

To engage potential guests, we created relatable content that addressed their needs and interests. This included tips and tricks for enjoying vacations, insights on the best places to visit, and captivating travel stories. By providing valuable information and inspiring visuals, we aimed to attract and engage potential guests, ultimately increasing bookings and revenue.

We made cafe recommendation and tips to rent scooter video for guest

Both partner-centric and guest-focused content was accompanied by visually appealing imagery, captivating captions, and appropriate hashtags. We also incorporated interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, and user-generated content to encourage audience engagement and foster a sense of community.

Result and Impact of the Project: 

Following the implementation of the content pillar strategy, we witnessed a significant rise in Instagram engagement, as indicated by improved Instagram insights. Our partners expressed their satisfaction with the increased exposure and promotion of their properties, while potential guests appreciated the valuable and relatable content we provided. The project not only enhanced our company’s online presence but also strengthened relationships with partners and built trust with potential guests, resulting in a positive impact on our brand reputation and business growth.

Since the content pillar was implemented, there has been an increase in insight on Bukit Vista’s Instagram

Through the content pillar project, we successfully transformed our Instagram presence into a valuable resource for both partners and potential guests. By creating structured workflows, designating a PIC for content creation, and delivering focused and engaging content, we established ourselves as a trusted and influential brand in the property management industry. This project serves as a testament to the power of strategic content creation and its ability to drive positive results and delight our target audience.

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