5 Effective Ways To Persuade Guest To Control The Water Usage in Bali Rental Villas

img | June 11, 2022
control the water usage for guest is the best to avoid your water cost rise up at your bali rental villas

The more volume of water used by guests, of course, the more your water costs will increasing. Then, can we control the water usage for guest without compromising their comfort? Yes, you definitely can do it!

Providing the best service and providing comfort for guests is certainly our obligation as property owners. One of them is to provide a clean and well-functioning water facilities at your bali rental villas. 

Data from the Bali Hotel Association (BHA) and Howarth HTL show that the more expensive or the more stars a property has, the higher the use of electricity and water. Water needs depend on the facilities provided. Guests will certainly really need water for their various needs while staying at your property such as bathing, soaking in the bathtub, washing clothes, or cooking. That’s why you need to control the water usage of guest to save your property in long-term. 

Why You Need Control The Water Usage for Bali Rental Villas

Based on research on the Bali water crisis in Denpasar, Dr. Stroma Cole concluded that Bali will experience a water crisis in 2020-2025. Meanwhile, the tourism industry will only be able to stand in a place with enough water. 

Not only for your property, reducing water is of course also good for the environment in Bali. Successfully creating a strategy to control the water usage of guest will bring many benefits. One of the main benefits to your rental villa is to avoid excessive water costs. Or it can even reduce water costs and give you more profit.

Therefore, if you want to keep your property investment profitable in the long term, making an efficient water management strategy is a step that must be taken. Here are 5 effective ways that you can invite guests to reduce water use on a regular basis. Let’s read down below!

How To Control Guest To Water Usage During Their Stay

1. Educating The Guest

Inform your guest about the importance to control the water usage at your bali rental villas
Inform your guest about the importance to control the water usage at your bali rental villas. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

The best way to persuade your guest to control the water usage is by informing and educating them. Never assume that your guest won’t care about the environment at all. Inform them about what is the reason why they should be efficient in using water and why is it important for your villa and the environment.

You can tell them in person as soon as they checked in at your rental villas. Because they will remember it directly and unconsciously make a commitment to you. This practice has been proved by a study where a healthcare are able to reduced missed appointments by the doctor asking them directly rather than write down the details on the paper. So make sure that you inform your guest directly as soon as they arrived at your rental villas.

Besides, you can also provide an information about your bali rental villas water-saving strategy through your villas’ platform such as social media or OTAs. Booking.com’ 2019 Sustainable Travel Report found that 72% global travelers are looking for ‘green’ property and believe that we must travel sustainably to save the planet for future generations.

By providing the water-saving regulation at your villas, guest will be appreciate it and doesn’t have an over expectation at your villas. Doesn’t get the guest to have an over expectation is a great way to avoid bad review to your OTAs.

Be informative to your guest can also bring a good impression. They would think that you care about the environment, so do their comfort while staying at your property. That’s why, informing your guest about the reason to control the water usage is a great way to persuade them to do so.

2. Place A Small Card In The Bathrooms to Use Water Efficiently.

Put a small sign in the bathroom to remind guest to always control the water usage at your bali rental villas.
Put a small sign in the bathroom to remind guest to always control the water usage. Photo by greenhotels.com

Second way to persuade your guest to control the water usage at your rental villas is by placing a small card or post card in the bathroom. Most hotels and rental property has done this. 

You also need to consider what message are you going to putting on to persuade guest to control the water usage. You can put a simple card that put the benefits of saving water for environment protection. You also can ask guest to control the water usage in other area at your property. 

This strategy is proven to be pretty effective and leading around 35% compliance. But is there any message that is more effective? Let’s take a look at number 3!

3. Invite Guest To Reuse Their Towels and Linens

Invite guest to reuse towels and linen help to control the water usage at your bali rental villas
Invite guest to reuse towels and linen will help to control the water usage at your property. Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Third way that you can do to persuade guest to save water is by invite them to reuse towels and linens regularly during their stay. A study shows that people are tend to look to the action of others to determines their own. So, what could be the lesson if we use this fact? 

If you already know a fact that almost all your guest has following the regulation of control the water usage at your rental property, you can simply used that information to influence other guest. 

For example, you could write “75% of our guests have saved about 50% of their normal water usage to avoid Bali from water crisis in the future. Please do do as well.” 

Imagine, what would you do if you see this sign at your stay? You must be afraid of the thought of what if a crisis does really occur. And you will feel compelled to do it because previous guests have done it too. This strategy was scientifically effective to influence your guest at your rental villas. 


Make a strategy to control the water usage at your bali rental villas is not just inevitably benefit your property,  but also for the environment and our people. More guest recently are also care about the environment protection and really apppreaciate at what you’re doing. 

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