Enhance Your Property’s Appeal: Elevating Listing Visibility Through Guest Favorites on Airbnb

img Ardana Neswari | November 23, 2023
Hello! Ardana here. As the Hosting Supervisor at Bukit Vista, specializing in property management for over a decade, I understand the challenges property owners face in standing out in the market. In a realm encompassing over 7 million distinctive homes globally, Airbnb’s hallmark lies in each property’s individuality. However, amidst this diversity, guests often face the challenge of predicting what they’ll encounter, a major factor deterring them from choosing Airbnb over traditional lodging options like hotels.
Understanding the pivotal role guest satisfaction plays in the decision-making process, Airbnb has introduced an ingenious solution: Guest Favorites.

Understanding Guest Favorites

Guest Favorites epitomize the top-tier, most-admired homes across Airbnb, as acknowledged by guests themselves. These homes, totaling 2 million in number, are meticulously selected based on a plethora of factors—ratings, reviews, and reliability data stemming from over half a billion trips. The selection process encompasses stringent criteria:
  • Minimum of five guest reviews
  • Exceptional ratings averaging above 4.9 stars
  • Consistent high marks across categories like check-in, cleanliness, accuracy, host communication, location, and value
  • An exemplary record of reliability, maintaining an average of 1% or lower in host cancellations and quality-related customer service issues

Locating Guest Favorites

Locating these esteemed Guest Favorites is effortless, as they proudly sport a distinct badge in both search results and on their respective listing pages. Additionally, Airbnb now offers a dedicated filter enabling travelers to exclusively search for these favored listings. Hosts can identify the Guest Favorites badge on their listing if their property qualifies.
"Guest favorite" badge in search result
"Guest favorite" badge on listing page

Guest Favorites and Superhosts

An intriguing revelation—nearly two-thirds of Guest Favorites are managed by Superhosts, individuals acknowledged for their unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality. The Superhost program retains its essence and unchanged criteria, subject to quarterly performance evaluations.
For Superhosts fortunate enough to have their listings featured among Guest Favorites, the recognition will be dual—showcased via the Guest Favorite badge on both the listing page and in search results. Even if a Superhost’s property isn’t yet part of the Guest Favorites roster, the Superhost badge will continue to adorn their listing, signifying their commitment to excellence.

Discover Our Acclaimed "Guest Favorites" Collection

Experience excellence with Bukit Vista’s exclusive selection of listings adorned with the prestigious “Guest Favorites” badge. Achieving this recognition stemmed from our commitment to securing exceptional 5-star reviews from guests shortly after the launch of our properties. Our listings consistently excel across crucial categories such as check-in convenience, spotless cleanliness, precision in accuracy, prompt host communication, prime location, and unbeatable value. Notably, our unwavering reliability is underscored by a remarkable track record, maintaining a minimal average of 1% or less in host cancellations and quality-related customer service concerns.

Unlock an unparalleled stay experience with our "Guest Favorites" collection, meticulously curated to exceed your expectations.


Embracing Guest Favorites, alongside innovative features like the new Listings tab, marks just the tip of the iceberg from Airbnb’s 2023 Winter Release. These upgrades present an opportunity for property owners and partners to significantly elevate the visibility and desirability of their listings. Early Access to these enhancements empowers hosts to enrich their guests’ experiences promptly.

Ready to Elevate Your Property’s Visibility?

Join Bukit Vista to become part of the elite league of Guest Favorites on Airbnb and unlock the potential to captivate guests worldwide. Embrace the criteria that define excellence in hospitality and witness your listing soar with the coveted Guest Favorites badge. Take advantage of Airbnb’s latest innovations and propel your property’s success by opting in for Early Access today!

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