Exemplifying Excellence in Guest Satisfaction: The Role of a Case Manager at Bukit Vista

img Chintya | November 7, 2023

At Bukit Vista, our mission is clear: we manage a wide variety of properties. Our ultimate goal is to optimize revenue for property owners while ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for both hosts and guests. In achieving this mission, the role of a Case Manager is pivotal, particularly in addressing overbooking situations and preserving the trust and satisfaction of our valued guests.

Prioritizing Guest Satisfaction in Overbooking Scenarios

When it comes to overbooking, our primary focus is unwaveringly on our guests. We understand their expectations for a seamless and enjoyable stay and are committed to resolving overbooking challenges swiftly and professionally. This commitment involves finding alternative accommodations, offering compensation, or crafting mutually satisfying resolutions. Our dedication is clear: we place our guests’ needs first and foremost.

Our approach to overbooking encompasses four distinct resolutions:

  1. Allocating to Non-Allocation Room: This resolution is implemented when non-allocation rooms are available on the property, and all parties agree to this solution. The guest’s comfort with the non-allocation room is paramount in this scenario.

  2. Reallocation to an Alternative Property: When non-allocation rooms are unavailable or the guest declines the non-allocation room, we provide the option of moving to an alternative property. This choice is preferable when the guest is content with the suggested alternative.

  3. Full Refund: This resolution is employed when non-allocation rooms are not available, or the guest rejects both the non-allocation room and alternative properties.

  4. Full Refund and Free One-Way Transportation Reimbursement: This resolution mirrors the third option but applies specifically when overbooking is discovered only upon the guest’s arrival, entitling them to a full refund and reimbursement for one-way transportation expenses.

A Real-Life Example

To illustrate how these resolutions are implemented, let’s delve into a real-life case:

Case Details:

  • Date: 30/10
  • Issue: Technical issues led to an overbooking.
  • Resolution: Two alternative properties were offered, and the guest agreed to move to another property in same area that initially booked.
  • Action Taken: Airbnb Support was contacted to cancel and refund the overbooked reservation.


  • Airbnb Support requested proper documentation, and the responsible team was consulted to determine the cause of the overbooking.
  • Proper documentation was submitted, and the Case Manager composed the necessary letter, which was forwarded to Airbnb Support.


  • On 30/10, there was no response from Airbnb, prompting a follow-up.
  • On 31/10, we received confirmation that Airbnb had canceled the reservation and waived the penalty. The guest was provided with a full refund, and as a gesture of goodwill, we compensated them with an additional 10% for the inconvenience caused by the overbooking issue.

This real-life case epitomizes our commitment to resolving overbooking issues in the best interest of our guests. The prompt communication, thorough documentation, and collaborative efforts with Airbnb Support culminated in a satisfactory resolution for the guest.

At Bukit Vista, guest satisfaction is not just a priority; it is the bedrock of our service. We continuously strive to address overbooking challenges swiftly and professionally to ensure every guest’s experience is memorable and trouble-free. Your trust and satisfaction are at the heart of what we do, aligning with our mission to optimize revenue for property owners while delivering unparalleled experiences for both hosts and guests.

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