What’s Life as Front-End Developer Intern at Bukit Vista Looks Like?

img | January 18, 2023

Are you a curious of how is the experience of front-end developer intern at  Bukit Vista? If yess, you come to the right page! 

Here you can take a sneak peek at how the experience and the excitement of learning as front-end developer intern from Bukit Vista’s Internship program. To get you dig more about our internship program, here is the story of  Zulfa Fatah Akbar Ahmad, one of the front-end developer intern at Bukit Vista. 

Let’s read down below and take a sneak peek of how is the learning experience at Bukit Vista as front-end developer intern! 

Abam's Background

Zulfa Fatah Akbar Ahmad or who is usually called Abam is one of the interns at Bukit Vista as a Front-End Developer. Abam is a computer engineering student at University of Diponegoro

Abam had very little practical experience as a front-end developer prior to doing his internship at Bukit Vista. Many skills he has as a computer engineering students are still in the early stages and need development.

He then looked for internship opportunities that would allow him to grow. After passing through several journey and process, he finally be able to secure a front-end intern position at Bukit Vista.

As a front-end developer intern at Bukit Vista for 5 months, not just one project, Abam has completed several projects during his internship.

The projects he has undertaken have certainly provided various valuable lessons for Abam. Not only lessons based on hard skills, Abam also received lessons based on soft skills while attending the internship program at Bukit Vista. 

And since joining an internship program at Bukit Vista as front-end developer intern, his skills have significantly improved. Would you like to know what he took away from his internship at Bukit Vista, especially as front-end developer intern? Let’s continue to read. 

What Does Front-End Developer Intern Do?

In general, the duties of a Front-End Developer are to ensure the website can be easily used by visitors. For that, they are in charge of several things, such as design, technology, and programming to code the appearance of the website, as well as handle the debugging process. 

So, whatever is seen and used on the web, is the job of the front-end developer. That was Abam’s job as an front-end developer intern at Bukit Vista. 

During the internship, Abam was entrusted with handling several projects. Each project certainly has different problems and difficulty characteristics. But all the projects carried out by Abam can be completed thanks to the guidance, cooperation, and core values that he applied in Bukit Vista.

During his 5 months of internship at Bukit Vista, Abam has successfully worked on 4 projects, that are:

1. Property List Page Refactoring

Abam has achieved some success in overcoming existing problems on the page throughout this project, such as speeding up data loading times, creating new filters and sorting, and improving the code to make it better.


front-end developer intern
front-end developer intern

2. Users Page Refactoring

Abam has achieved some success in overcoming existing problems on the page throughout this project, such as speeding up data loading times, creating new filters and sorting, and improving the code to make it better.


front-end developer intern
front-end developer intern

3. Property Notes Feature

In order to make it easier for users , Abam added several new features to this project, namely notes for each property, tags, the feature can be edited or deleted, search and sort notes, track the creator and modifier.

fron-end developer intern

4. Adjustment & Bug Fixing Projects

And last project, Abam managed to fix a bug problem on the page, where a blank screen would appear every time you apply a different kind of filter. And repairs can be solved perfectly.

From the various projects above and various problems that have been resolved as a front, what are the actual lessons learned from Abam during his internship as front-end developer intern at Bukit Vista? Come on, see more below. 

front-end developer intern

What Can Be Learned?

1. Technical

Technically, Abam got a lot of lessons. While working on the project, Abam learned to implement what he had learned in college with real data. He learns about CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using real data. For him it was a difficult lesson but fun to do.

I also learned about git version control, making a pull request, app versioning. In addition, Abam also understands new principles when working on projects as a front-end developer intern.

“ Don’t repeat Yourself and Keep It Simple”

For Abam, this principle plays a very important role because it can reduce the repetition of code and make work much more efficient, clean, and tidy.

2. Culture

During the internship, Abam learned how to adapt to a new culture. He learned to use digital tools, such as Trello, Coda, Google Calendar, and Slack which really helped him in managing all activities, reports, and forms of communication at work.

In addition, Abam also gained experience working remotely or WFH. For him working remotely is a new experience because he can work from home and be more effective.

3. Core Value

As we all know, core values are an important initial foundation for us. Without core values, there will be no strong motivation and desire to continue to innovate and play a better role in our work performance.

Core values are also something that Abam learned during his project work and managed to achieve satisfactory results. 

First, Abam learned to always Fail Fast on every mistake he makes when facing a challenge. When he learns from these mistakes, then the challenges faced will be able to be skipped.

Second, Abam learned to Never Settle. never settling means not always staying at one point. Sometimes we need to always feel dissatisfied to be able to continue to make improvements and move towards something better.

Third, Abam learned to Be Transparent. Being transparent does not mean not having privacy, but having the courage to speak up about each other’s conditions and progress regarding work. If it’s in bad shape or having trouble, then say so. That way, teammates will fully trust us and work positively.

And the last lesson is To Help Others To Help Themselves. In working as a team, working collaboratively is very important. Helping each other will certainly make work more effective and optimal. We can evaluate each other, provide advice, or provide assistance as needed. If the work can be completed optimally, then the results will be achieved optimally.

front-end developer intern


Abam has learned a lot from his time as a front-end developer. Starting with the skills to solve problems, improve code, process data, and others.

Through core values, Abam also learns to work professionally and effectively so that his work performance always improves, as well as his own development.

Bukit Vista has helped Abam develop himself and his abilities significantly. Where the knowledge gained will later become a good bridge for him in working in the professional world.

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