CHSE Guidelines: Health Protocols That Property Owners Should Know in 2022

img | October 30, 2022
CHSE certificates are given to properties that have implemented health protocols in accordance with government guidelines and regulations.
CHSE certificates are given to properties that have implemented health protocols in accordance with government guidelines and regulations.

What is CHSE?

CHSE Certified or Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability is an operational health protocols guideline from The Ministry of Health Indonesia regarding public health protocols in public places to suppress and prevent the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19). 

This health protocols guide is intended as a reference for business actors and employees in meeting the needs of guests and providing clean, healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly tourism services during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

The guidelines that apply to all Indonesian business actors have referred to the protocols and guidelines that have been set by the Government of Indonesia, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in the context of preventing and handling Covid-19. 

Why Is It Important?

It is crucial for the government to disseminate this guideline to all tourism businesses because it is helpful for maintaining strict health protocols. The existence of this guide will increase public awareness of cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability during the pandemic. 

The post-pandemic era has changed guest habits while traveling. Many tourists now prefer lodging that is private and prioritizes cleanliness and health. This is a sign that the pattern of demand and behavior of tourists in the future will prioritize cleanliness and health. 

Therefore, business actors are required to guarantee high cleanliness of the services provided to tourists. 

Important Health Protocols Guidelines That Property Owners Should Know in 2022

1. Preparation of SOPs for employees

SOP is a guide or reference used by employees when working to suit their function. The existence of SOPs that are appropriate and adhered to by employees can aim to avoid unwanted things or even accidents that can be dangerous, including the transmission of the covid-19 virus. 

You can make SOPs in the form of practical booklets that can be loaded or carried by employees anywhere. SOPs can consist of guidelines for the requirements for activities in hotels, health protocols, guest service standards, cleanliness standards in the room, to special SOPs for certain events that can be adapted to each condition. 

When the SOP is fully formed, train your workers according to the applicable SOP. That way, the existence of this SOP will certainly make it very easy for you and your workers when working to serve guests at your property. 

2. Providing Sufficient and Adequate

Facilities are the main thing for guests at the inn. To maintain the health and safety of guests, provide adequate and perfectly functioning facilities for guests. Here are the facilities you need to prepare in your villa: 

  1. Hand washing facilities

Apart from being indoors, also provide hand washing facilities in front of your inn. This will help your guests to maintain the cleanliness of the villa area before entering after coming from outside. 

2. Providing Hand Sanitizer in certain places

Hand sanitizer is one of the most important things to provide in the villa area. You can place it in certain areas.

3. Provide areas and equipment for checking body temperature for guests and employees.

4. Provide a proper areas, equipment, and temperature screening services for guests. That way, your guests and staff will easily detect someone who has symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, and/or shortness of breath, so they are not allowed to enter the inn area. Also, make sure that the available body temperature measuring device is functioning properly and checked regularly. 

3. Property Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection is important to prevent you from loss. Inspection also aims to maintain the safety and health of your guests. If there are some facilities that are not feasible or adequate, they must be addressed immediately. Here are some property inspections and maintenance that must be carried out in your accommodation area:


1. The use of bed linen, pillowcases, and blankets is replaced with new ones and washed after use by guests. 

 2. Cleaning public goods or facilities with safe disinfectant regularly (min. 2 times a day)

3. Bedrooms are cleaned with disinfectant before and after guest use. 

4. Provide a written guidebook on how to use and the potential dangers of electronic equipment and equipment in the bedroom. 

5. Provide a covered trash can


1. Clean the bathroom with disinfectant immediately after use. If the bathroom is used simultaneously, it must be cleaned as often as possible so that it is always in a hygienic, clean, and odor-free condition.

2. Make sure the water tap is functioning properly

3. Ensure that the sewer from the bathroom is closed and flows smoothly. 

4. Install procedures for using equipment and the potential dangers of equipment in the bathroom.


  1. Installing an advisory not to use cooking utensils and utensils or eating/drinking with other people.
  2. Clean the room and kitchen equipment with cleaning/disinfectant as often as possible or if it looks dirty after use.
  3. Provide a means of washing hands with soap/hand sanitizer in the kitchen. 
  4. Provide trash cans in a closed state and there is a separation between dry waste and dry waste. 


It is has been an obligation for every property owner to comply with the regulations and guidelines set by the government. This is useful for preventing the spread of viruses or hazards that can harm your guests or workers. 

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