How Much To Buy Villa in Bali 2021?

img Syelynn | May 30, 2021

To buy villa in Bali is a good way to build investment in Bali. It goes without saying, the toursim business  has been extremely hard hit by the pandemic. Amid the economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many villa owners in Bali have been forced to put their properties up for sale. According to marketplace,, there are hundreds of properties in Bali are ready for sale at this week. 

However, Bali villa rental still have a large market even though it’s decreased by 66%. Based on Villa while Bali is closed to International tourists, the domestic visitors gradually increasing. There was significant growth based on I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport records. In 2020 the passenger increased around 101.4% and the number of flights increased 56.1%. 

Buy villa in Bali

So, for those who are looking for a villa in Bali, whether you are a couple, single, entrepreneur, or retirement, this might be the best time to buy villa in Bali.

Then, how much to buy villa in Bali?

Take a look at the price lists below that currently listed by Bukit Vista. Feel free to contact us, if you would like to have a consultation in finding perfect villa in Bali.

  1. Criteria:

  • Builiding area: 201m² – 300m²
  • Land area: 201m² – 300m²
  • Facilities: 1-2 Bedrooms with swimming pool

      Price list:

  • Ungasan area: IDR 3.2 billion IDR 6.3 billion
  • Canggu area: IDR 3.5 billion – IDR 5.8 billion
  • Kuta Area: IDR 3.2 billion
  • Nusa Dua: IDR 3 billion – IDR 3.5 billion
  • Umalas: IDR 4 billion – IDR 4.8 billion
  • Jimbaran: IDR 3.5 billion – IDR 6.5 billion
  • Seminyak: IDR 4.5 billion – IDR 6.6 billion
  • Denpasar: IDR 3.2 billion – IDR 5.5 billion
  • Ubud: IDR 3.7 billion – IDR 4.5 billion

  1.  Criteria:

  • Builiding area: 301m² – 500m²
  • Land area: 301m² – 500m²
  • Facilities: 3-4 Bedrooms with swimming pool

          Price list:

  • Ungasan area: IDR 4 billion – IDR 5.5 billion
  • Canggu area: IDR 4.5 billion – IDR 7.5 billion
  • Nusa Dua: IDR 4.2 billion- IDR 5.5 billion
  • Umalas: IDR 5.5 billion – IDR 7 billion
  • Jimbaran:IDR 5.5 billion – IDR 8.3 billion
  • Seminyak: IDR 6.5 billion -IDR 10 billion
  • Denpasar:IDR 3.5 billion – IDR 8.9 billionUbud: IDR 7 billion

  1.  Criteria:

  • Builiding area: 501m² – 700m²
  • Land area: 501m² – 700m²
  • Facilities: 3+ Bedrooms with swimming pool

         Price list:

  • Canggu area: IDR 10 billion – IDR 13 billion
  • Kuta area: IDR 7.5 billion
  • Nusa Dua: IDR 9 billion – IDR 16 billion
  • Umalas: IDR 5.5 billion – IDR 7 billion
  • Jimbaran: IDR 10.5 billion
  • Seminyak: IDR 15 billion
  • Denpasar: IDR 10 billion – IDR 13 billion

      *Source: Bali property agent & marketplace. Note that this is not an exhaustive list as you will also need to pay the property agent’s commission (if not included in the sales price), notary fee, and sales tax.  

Villa in Bali

Then, the next question will be  how to buy villa in Bali? 

Here are some tips that can help you to find the right villa.

  1. Do your research.
  2. Take a look at the location by yourself. You have to be clear about what is important to you.
  • Is it the public transport?
  • Entertainmet or shopping area?
  • Cultural diversity?
  • Have an access to main road?

       List all things that matter to you and make sure the villa is the right villa for you by doing some field work.

      3.Referral matters!

       Before you decide to buy villa in Bali, go chat with the local ones to help you to get the insights. Take a look at the local websites, news, publications, blog regarding to the area which can help you to get resident view! 

  1. Keeping an eye on market trends and public interests. Especially if you would like to rent the villa in the future.
  2. Last but bit leas it  to talk to the trusted local agents. 

       But, unfortunately, Indonesia is really protective for its properties and land. Means, foreigners are not permitted to own land or villas in Indonesia. 

 There are several requirements that must be fulfilled to buy villa in Bali, they are :

  • Buy villa with  “right to use” (hak pakai), “right to build” (hak guna bangunan), and long term rental or leasehold certificate only. Not “the right to own one” (hak milik) ceritificate title. 
  • Have a temporary residency permit (valid KITAS visa)

However, the best bet for foreigners is the long-term lease contract. Eventhough the land or villa ownership is not under the foreigner’s name, but the villa can be rented for an initial period up to 50 years. Actually it depends on the agreement with the property owner. Once the long – term lease contract begins, the villa will be legally transferred to the foreigner “under right to lease”  (hak sewa) title. Besides, once the contract done, the villa will be returned to the original owner.

Another alternative is by building a Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA). According to Indonesia’s regulations, companies under Indonesian law are permitted to acquire “the right to build” (hak guna bangunan) and right to use (hak pakai) title. It doesn’t mean that they own the land or villas but the license allow them to have the right to use the land in a certain way for usually less than 25 years.

As a Bali villa rentals, we learn from high quality source and share it to inspire everybody. We delight our guest with authentic and memorable experiences. 

Moreover, we work with likeminded property owners to nurture their investment as a Bali Villa Management Company.
If you are currently looking for a villa management company in Bali area, Bukit Vista is here as your trusted resource. Learn about our services at Manage My Property page, or head to our Community Expert page to learn more about how you can find the right one. Feel free to reach out

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