Villa Management Company

Villa Management Company: How to Choose The Right One During Pandemic?

img | April 15, 2021

Villa Management Company

Villa management company is the practice in which responsibility to oversee and perform daily management of villa is given to the third party. In the early months of the pandemic, there were 1.174 properties in Indonesia that were closed to the public. Besides, more than 60 villa owners ready to sell their assets in 2021. However, the pandemic impact is felt not only by villa owners but also those who work in supply chains of villa management. In this situation, everyone must quickly adapt and innovate to survive. 

Hiring a villa management company to manage your villa is a big decision. Surely, it can either boost your villa’s occupancy and revenue or causing more financial loss. If you find it difficult to properly manage your villa and boost your revenue rate, choosing the right one can be the best decision. 

Then, how to choose a villa management company while you have incurred significant income decreases? Read on to find out the company for you, here!

Online Research

First, the simplest yet effective way to choose the right company for your property is by doing a simple Google search. It goes without saying, but before you take time to communicate further with a villa management company, read their review. Next, you can read through Google review as well as the review on social media. For instance, Facebook Page or Facebook Community. This step will help you to narrow down your options so you have a prospective list that will work for your property. 
Then, further your investigation.

Villa Management Company

Check out company’s website

Second, as a villa owner, you have know the details of the services. You can take a look some important key points of information below:

  • Services  offers
  • Villa management fee
  • Company’s properties and company’s portfolios 
  • Their property owner 
  • Reviews
  • Contact information

Rely on local referral

Third, the best way to find the right villa management company is through consumers’ feedback. In addition, you can ask your friends, colleagues, or anyone you know who works in property or villa management. Undoubtedly, experienced companies have a strong professional relationship with another professional industry in the region. 

Check out their current works

Fourth, another way to find out if a villa management company is right for you is to see them in action. Moreover, you have to check the properties portal they manage to see if they are managed well.

Test prospective villa management company with multiple questions

Fifth, instead of portfolio or experience, finding the right company is more about finding a partner you can trust. According to this fact, you should ask your specific questions to find the one you feel most comfortable with. Some questions you can ask are:

  • What are your best practices for boosting occupancy during pandemics?
  • How do you handle emergencies after hours?
  • Do I receive annual and monthly financial reports?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How do you handle customer dissatisfaction?
  • How much are your fees?

Count the cost of villa management

Last and  most importantly, the cost of villa management is the primary concern for most property owners. Especially, during this pandemic. The service charge of each company is varied, depending on the property is located. Some companies charge some percent of the monthly rent value and some companies will also charge a flat fee, in addition to the monthly percent. According to this, choose a villa management company wisely by finding the one that meets your budget and specific criteria. 

In Bukit Vista, you pay nothing when you get nothing. You pay for the performance while we provide one stop hospitality service. Starts with market insight and hospitality best practice, yearly revenue projection, automated monthly report dashboard, professional photographer & top-ranking OTA profile, guest and reservation handling. A fair deal, isn’t it ?

If you are currently looking for a villa management company in Bali area, Bukit Vista is here as your trusted resource for everything villa management. Learn about our services at Manage My Property page, or head to our Community Expert page to learn more about how you can find the right one! Feel free to reach out!

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