5 Quick Fixes How to Increase Bookings on Airbnb in Bali

img | July 23, 2022

For how to increase bookings on Airbnb, you don’t need a complicated method. You can try these simple tips from Bukit Vista now and increase your booking rate immediately.

You must be curious how your property has offered a variety of luxurious and upscale facilities and services but still does not have maximum occupancy. You have used various important strategies, both from promotions, advertisements, price discounts and others. 

However, you shouldn’t miss the small details, which can turn out to be the main reason why your listing doesn’t get much attention. and surely impacted the booking rate of your properties. 

Here, Bukit Vista has summarized various simple tips that you can try to increase bookings on Airbnb and the reasons behind it. Read more below

Simple and Quick Fixes How To Increase Bookings on Airbnb

1. Show A Beautiful Nature Photos as Thumbnail

Have you ever thought that a photo of your property could actually kill your booking opportunity? The reality is it’s true.

Your property photo or listing thumbnail has a huge impact on your booking. Photos play an important role in giving a great first impression to guests. Most potential guests will see a photo of your property before moving on to reading the description.

Imagine if you have prepared the facilities in such a way and as luxurious as possible, but unfortunately, guests have not had time to read it because they are not interested enough in the photos of your property. You certainly don’t want to experience this error, do you?

A photo with beautiful nature color is more appaling to get how to increase bookings on airbnb
A photo with beautiful nature colour is more appealing to increase bookings

So, the first quick fix how to increase bookings for Airbnb is by putting natural photos as your listing thumbnail. A study shows that 25% of property photos on Airbnb use photos with a natural nuance as their thumbnails, such as swimming pools, wood, or trees. Color combinations such as blue, orange, and green are proven to look more attractive and eye-catching for guests and potentially increase bookings. 

So, let’s look back at the current thumbnail photo of your property listing on Airbnb. pay attention, to whether they are attractive enough or not compared to your competitors. If not, let’s change your photo immediately and use our natural nuance photos for your property to increase bookings on Airbnb

Make sure you have a professional camera to capture clear and professional-looking images. Capturing photos professionally is very important for your property listing. Read the article below to understand how important professional photos are and how to take property photos independently.

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If you don’t have a professional camera to take photos of your property, Bukit Vista can help you. Joining as a Bukit Vista partner, you can change your property photos professionally as your wish, for FREE. Learn about our villa management services.

2. Delete Minimun Night Stays and Raise Maximum Stays

The second fixes how to increase bookings on Airbnb is to delete the minimum night stays at your Airbnb. If you currently have your booking rules set by specifying a minimum stay of 3 days or 4, delete them now.

The biggest reason why you don’t get a booking on Airbnb is it could be because of that. specifying a minimum stay could eliminate your booking opportunity.

Assuming you set a minimum stay of 4 days, Airbnb will of course remove your listing from the search for a 3-day or 4-day stay.

Similarly, if you set a maximum stay of 1 or 2 weeks, of course, you will lose the opportunity for a more profitable long-term stay.

Market research in Las Vegas found that most homes that are large, have amenities and look luxurious, and have lower booking rates than homes that are no more luxurious than other large homes. This is because these large houses have a minimum stay.

So how to increase bookings on Airbnb that you can do is to change your minimum stay strategy and increase the maximum stay, and set it on all the dates on your calendar. that way, Airbnb will show your listing in all searches, from 1 day of stay to 1 month or more.

In addition, you can also create promotional strategies by providing monthly or weekly discounts. This promotion will encourage guests to stay longer. Airbnb tends to prioritize property listings that offer long-stay discounts. So, you can use this method to increase your property listing to the top rank and get more attention

3. Create SEO Heavy Title but Make It Attractive

The third way how to increase bookings on Airbnb this time is to focus on your title. Your title should be an SEO-heavy title to make it easier for your listing to appear on google searches. 

You can add appropriate keywords to your property, such as the type of room you provide, the unique concept of your property, or an interesting spot near your property.

But don’t just focus on SEO, your title must also attract the attention of guests. To spice up your title, you can add free benefits that you offer to your guests, such as free parking, free breakfast, free gym, and others.

Guests may not be looking for these things, but this can be the added value they want. This method can also distinguish you from other competitors. So, this strategy can pique the interest of guests to look further at your property.

Check out our Airbnb account HERE and see how we title our 206+ partner property listings

4. Avoid Putting Gigantic Cleaning Fee

One of the reasons that can make guests avoid your property is when they see your listing description and find a fairly large cleaning fee. This can prevent guests from staying for more than 2 or 3 nights.

Many guests want instant booking and this could be your chance. However, the additional cleaning fee can make them ignore your property.

So one of the improvements to how to increase bookings on Airbnb is to remove the cleaning fee from your listing. Use another pricing strategy so you don’t have to suffer losses by eliminating the cleaning fee.

You can add or increase the cleaning fee on a long stay, but if it’s a short stay, that’s a bad strategy. 

5. Competitive Pricing Strategy

Many experts say that pricing strategy is very important in your order rate. In fact, pricing has been shown to drive consumer behavior before making a decision.
Price is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking highly on Airbnb.

If you set the same price for months or even years, you may not get the maximum results. This is due to changes in the market and demand every season.

So, the last tip on how to increase bookings on Airbnb you can do is by creating competitive pricing for your property. Creating a good pricing strategy can also put you ahead of your competitors in the same area. So it’s better for you to know when it’s time to lower the price and when it’s time to increase the price of your property according to market demand.

Accurate and unified data on market demand over a year can help you determine the right price for each season. Bukit Vista uses sophisticated real-time driven data that can help you determine strategic prices in every season. Contact us here for a free consultation.


How to increase bookings on airbnb does require a consistent and precise strategy to finally achieve maximum results. There are many things that you should always pay attention to, both from periodic market data, guest requests, hospitality trends and others.

Bukit Vista believes that small details are matter and there will always be good opportunities. More than 170 luxury villas, guest house and homestay in Bali has enhance their booking rate with the help of our proffesional team and expert.

Bukit Vista is a one-way solution for owner to find the best and innovative strategy to optimize their property. Learn more about services HERE

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