Avoid common property management mistakes To Increase Your Bali Villa Bookings

img | May 21, 2022

Are you a villa owner or any Bali property owner in Bali that has difficulties in getting more villa bookings? Feels like you’ve done various things but it doesn’t work, this article is right for you!

Investing property in Bali can be a great long term investment. As mentioned by Statista, during pandemic in 2020, Bali’s tourist visit still improving although it dropped significantly from last year. In that year, Australians made around 222 thousands visits to Bali. Chinese tourists made up the second-largest group of arrivals to Bali, at 117 thousand million arrivals. Bali is one of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia. In 2019, almost 6.3 million direct foreign tourists went there. Thus doing business in Bali can be a great prospect.

Even though it has a lot of potential, this business is weak and easily affected by situations and circumstances. One example is when a pandemic is going on. Physical distance, isolation, travel restrictions, and many other situations can failed your business. 

This explanation shows that the best place to build a bali property business is not enough to make it work well. As a villa owners, you  need a good plan and  strategy to bring a good benefits to your investment. You can learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t waste your own time and end up losing. As one of the bali property management that has run for 8 years, here are 5 common mistakes that villa owner often make and you should avoid in 2022

5 Common Mistakes That Bali Villa Owners Should Avoid

1. Lacking in Promotion Strategy

Understanding your target audience vefore making a promotion strategy. to get more villa bookings
Understanding your target audience is important before boosting your villa promotion. Photo by Austin Distel
Since the government has open all Indonesia’s gateaways, many owners make reckless action. Many villa owners spend a lot of money to boost promotion their bali property business. They use social media, Google ads, and many other ways to get more exposure and hoping more bookings.  But putting something into action without a good plan is just a waste of money
First, You need to know who your target audience is, what they like in terms of technical things, and where they usually look for information about it. The most important thing is how to present detailed information about your property, so it can answer every question from the visitor
When you’re doing a promotion, your sentences don’t have to be long, but they should be touching and meet the needs of your audience. It’s also important to give potential guests a detailed description of the property and an eye-catching photo.

2. Not Maintaining Good Relationship with Guests

Menyediakan fasilitas yang membuat tamu merindukan hotel Anda, baik itu hotel berbintang maupun hotel non bintang, adalah cara promosi villa terbaik untuk meningkatkan mendapatkan pelanggan tetap.
Maintain a good relationship with guest will brings you various opportunity. Photo by Bukit Vista
Second mistake that villa owners make is not maintaining good relationships with guests. A good relationship can lead to various opportunities, including referrals from word of mouth. To establish a healthy relationship, we must also consider the guest’s service. The service includes good morning, birthday, and goodbye messages, among others.

3. Making Decision Based on Feelings Not Data

Makse a strategy based on data will helps you to target the right niche to get more villa bookings
Makse a strategy based on data will helps you to target the right niche. Photo by Lukas Blazek

Many properties don’t have a good way to collect transactional data. However, these data can be used to make a strategy, better prices, and revenue projections. Villa owners in Bali sometimes make hasty decisions. They compared the inappropriate sample, such a Villa with a Hotel or a Villa from another country, so it’s not valid to compare. Improper comparison causes wrong strategy, pricing, and uneven progress. 

Some people make decisions based on feeling. For example, they set a low price to get more people to stay without thinking about the cost. Or they set a high price because they think the property is better than average and worth it without thinking about what will happen.

4. Set Same Price for All Season

Create competitive pricing based on data will helps your property to get more villa bookings.
Create competitive pricing based on data will helps your property to get more bookings. Photo by Pixabay

Most Villa owners set the same price for all seasons without looking at what other people have paid in the past. By looking at past data, we can figure out the pattern of occupancy, which is the third most common mistake made by property owners. Different properties or areas have different occupancy rates, which show different opportunities. 

High season happens when the occupancy is high while low season otherwise. It can be caused by national holidays, government policy, and many other things. If the pattern can be obtained, it’s important to adjust the price by setting it higher in the high season and lower in the low season. By doing this, we can maximize the occupancy and also the revenue for the property. To set the lowest price, make sure the price consists of profit already so there will be no loss though the price set lower.

5. Forget the Quality Control

Maintenance is the key to conserve water and your property from loses.
Maintenance is the key to save water and your property from loses. Photo by Boris Debusscher

Last is property maintenance. Guest expectations must be achieved. Guest reviews and weekly or monthly home inspections reveal the quality of your villa. Cleanliness, services, and other things can be maintained or improved with proffesional property management. Read here how to do property maintenance correctly for your villa. 


Those are 5 Common Mistakes that Property Owners Make. Even though the location to build a property is nearly perfect for tourism like Bali, there are many other things that need to be considered and think strategically for bringing better opportunity and result for the owners. For more than 8 years, Bukit Vista has been helping partners to increase their occupancy.
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