Life at Bukit Vista: 5 Important Lessons As A Hospitality Air Support and Reservation Intern

img | October 29, 2022

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As a HAR Intern in Bukit Vista, Maria has learned a lot of things and improving her skill in hospitality industry

Maria’s Background

Maria Imanuel Prawoto or usually called Maria is a Hospitality Air Support and Reservation Intern at Bukit Vista. He is a graduate student, majoring in English Language and Literature at Diponegoro University. He followed the Bukit Vista internship program for 3 months and during his internship journey, he learned many lessons as a HAR intern.

Joining Bukit VIsta, as one of the companies in the hospitality and travel sector, has become Maria’s dream. working with meeting people and contributing to providing the best service excites Maria.

Because their smiles and laughter also make happy and is an irreplaceable gift. The sense of satisfaction in giving happiness to others is what motivates Maria to enter the field of travel and hospitality.

What is the Hospitality Air-Support and Reservation Team?

Hospitality Air Support and Reservation Team is a Bukit Vista’s team that is in charge of handling guest’s reservations to the property’s partner. In Bukit Vista, there are more than 206 properties that are located over Bali and Jogja Region.

As a front line in the company, they are responsible for accepting guest inquiries, providing information, arranging guest reservations with property partners, handling guest’s complaints, receiving booking fees, and others related to guest services.

The HAR staff must constantly be prepared and respond quickly when dealing with a lot and any kind of people and. If not, the business may suffer from concerns like unsatisfied guests, a lost interest guest, and other issues related with guest satisfaction. As a result, in order to join a HAR team, you must possess trustworthy and professional talents.

Important Lesson As a Host And Reservation Intern

1. Persuasion and Negotiation

Persuasive and negotiation skills are skills that must be possessed by a host. Even though we have a good property and attract many guests, without persuasive communication skills, of course, we can lose out to other competitors.

Since joining the HAR team at Bukit Vista, Maria has learned to hone her negotiating and persuasive skills when handling guests. Whenever there are inquiries, persuasion and negotiation skills are needed to attract guests to stay at partner properties Bukit Vista.

2. Communication and Teamwork

Communication and teamwork are two abilities that have become the key in improving the quality of work performance in teams. During her internship at Bukit Vista, Maria improved her team’s communication and teamwork skills through asynchronous meetings with her teammates.

Maria also learned to hone good cooperation by helping each other handle cases among her teammates. This is in accordance with Bukit Vista’s core value, namely “help others to help themselves” which he implemented during his internship at Bukit Vista.

Thanks to her good communication, Maria is also able to convey ideas well with her team. The ideas developed with his team can be an improvement to produce new innovations in his team. That is why developing good communication and cooperation is very important in improving our work performance in the work environment.

3. Problem Solving

When Maria experienced some issues, such as being overwhelmed with overbooking, misinformation, or guest complaints, Maria learned to handle it well. Maria learned how to handle guests with good communication and strategic thinking. She also got help with her team, so any case will be solved immediately and appropriately.

4. Be Fail Fast

Maria’s internship at Bukit Vista became a safe haven for her to make mistakes and quickly learn from them. As an intern, Maria is expected to view mistakes as new opportunities to improve our work performance rather than failures.

Mistakes can also provide us with an opportunity to develop new innovations in order to avoid repeating these errors. As a result, one of Bukit Vista’s core values that is always applied in the workplace is “fail fast.”

5. Details matter

Maria learned to pay attention to detail in all of her jobs while working on the HAR team at Bukit Vista. Maria’s attention to detail allows her to correctly convey information, avoid miscommunication, and manage guest reservations without errors


Maria has learned a lot from her time on the HAR team. Starting with negotiation and persuasion skills, moving on to cooperation and communication, problem solving when issues arise, learning quickly from mistakes, and paying attention to details in every job.

Bukit Vista has helped Maria significantly develop herself and her abilities. Where the knowledge he gains will later serve as a good bridge for him to realize his dream of working in the travel and hospitality industry.

So, for those of you who want to share Maria’s experiences and lessons, let’s join Bukit Vista’s Internship Program right now! There are numerous opportunities available to students of various majors. Learn more HERE and apply now. 

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