Discover Kintamani, Bali: Top 10 Tourist Attractions for an Unforgettable Experience

img Yosefine BukitVista | November 20, 2023

Hello, I’m Yosefine, a Human Resource Intern at Bukit Vista, a company dedicated to enhancing the hospitality experience in the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia. As someone who has the privilege of being immersed in the vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty that Indonesia offers, I’m thrilled to share my insights on one of Bali’s hidden gems – Kintamani. Nestled in the scenic highlands of Bali, Kintamani is more than just a destination; it’s a captivating experience that offers a blend of breathtaking natural beauty and cultural richness. From the majestic Mount Batur to the serenity of its lakes and the authenticity of traditional villages, Kintamani is a treasure trove for explorers and nature lovers alike. In this guide, I’ll take you through the top 10 Kintamani tourist attractions that are a must-visit, providing not just a journey but an exploration into the heart of Bali’s magic. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip to Bali, this article is your gateway to discovering why Kintamani should be at the top of your travel list.

1. Mount Batur Trekking

Embark on a thrilling adventure that begins in the early hours of the morning with the Mount Batur Trekking experience. As you ascend the active volcano, Mount Batur, under the starlit sky, you’re not just trekking; you’re moving towards one of the most awe-inspiring sunrises you will ever witness. Reaching the summit just in time to catch the first rays of the sun, you’re greeted with a spectacular panorama that unfolds the beauty of Bali in its purest form. The golden sunrise over the caldera lake, with views stretching to the ocean and neighboring islands, is a reward worth every step. As you stand at the summit, feeling the warmth of the rising sun and the cool mountain air, you’ll realize this is more than just a hike; it’s a moment of profound peace and exhilaration. This journey offers not just a physical challenge but also a chance to reflect and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Mount Batur experience, inspired by Benita Selian

2. Serenity at Lake Batur

Known for its captivating calmness, this caldera lake is not just a visual treat but also a haven for activities like canoeing and fishing, attracting those who seek a blend of adventure and peace. Surrounded by the lush greenery and the imposing backdrop of Mount Batur, the lake provides a surreal experience of Bali’s natural splendor. It’s a place where time slows down, allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the serene ambiance. The lake’s crystal-clear waters reflect the sky above, creating a mesmerizing and almost meditative experience. For travelers looking to escape the more crowded and bustling tourist spots of Bali, Lake Batur stands as a pristine sanctuary, offering a much-needed respite and a chance to reconnect with nature in its most unspoiled form.

Lake Batur photos, taken by @wanderskyy

3. Unique Trunyan Village Tour

Trunyan Village, set on the eastern shores of Lake Batur, is a window into an ancient world that continues to thrive in modern Bali. Isolated and preserved, it’s accessible only by a captivating boat ride across the lake, immediately setting the tone for an experience steeped in tradition and mystique. This village is renowned for its distinctive burial practices, where the deceased are not buried or cremated but instead laid out in the open, shielded by a cloth and protected by a sacred tree known as Taru Menyan. This practice, unique to Trunyan Village, offers a profound insight into the Bali Aga culture, the original Balinese people whose customs predate the arrival of Hinduism on the island. Walking through Trunyan, one is transported back in time, witnessing a way of life that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. The villagers’ deep reverence for their customs and their harmonious relationship with nature is evident in every aspect of their lives, from their rituals to their daily activities. Trunyan Village is more than just a destination; it’s a poignant reminder of Bali’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry, offering a rare glimpse into a lifestyle that has resisted the tides of time and modernization.

Trunyan Village captured by @lovinataxidriver

4. Natural Hot Springs at Toya Bungkah

Nestled at the foot of Mount Batur, the Toya Bungkah Hot Springs are a natural wonder, offering a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience. These geothermal springs, heated by the volcanic activity of Mount Batur, are rich in minerals believed to have healing properties. Visitors can soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Batur. The hot springs are particularly popular among hikers returning from the summit of Mount Batur, providing a soothing relief to tired muscles. The setting is not just physically rejuvenating but also spiritually uplifting, with the natural beauty and tranquility offering a perfect space for meditation and relaxation. For those seeking a blend of natural beauty, relaxation, and health benefits, Toya Bungkah Hot Springs is an unmissable destination in Kintamani.

5. Kintamani Organic Farm Tour

The Kintamani region, with its fertile volcanic soil and favorable climate, is an ideal location for organic farming. A tour of Kintamani’s organic farms offers a fascinating insight into the local agricultural practices and sustainable farming methods. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the cultivation of various crops, including vegetables, fruits, and spices, all grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These tours often include interactive experiences like planting, harvesting, and even cooking with freshly picked produce. This hands-on experience not only educates visitors about the importance of sustainable agriculture but also highlights the role of organic farming in preserving the environment and supporting the local economy. The Kintamani Organic Farm Tour is more than just an educational journey; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of Bali’s agrarian culture.

6. Spiritual Journey to Pura Ulun Danu Batur

Pura Ulun Danu Batur is one of Bali’s most iconic temples, dedicated to Dewi Danu, the goddess of lakes and water. Situated on the edge of Lake Batur, the temple’s serene and mystical atmosphere is heightened by the stunning natural backdrop. This important cultural and religious site comprises a complex of multiple shrines, each showcasing traditional Balinese architecture and intricate carvings. Visitors to the temple can observe the daily rituals and ceremonies that play a vital role in Balinese culture. The temple not only serves as a spiritual center but also as a reminder of the Balinese people’s respect and reverence for nature. Pura Ulun Danu Batur is not just a tourist attraction; it’s a place where visitors can experience the spiritual essence of Bali and gain a deeper understanding of the island’s cultural heritage.

7. Kintamani Coffee Plantation

At a Kintamani coffee plantation, visitors can indulge in the rich and aromatic world of Balinese coffee. These plantations take full advantage of the region’s volcanic soil, which imparts a distinctive flavor profile to the coffee grown here. A tour of a coffee plantation includes walking through the coffee fields, learning about the process of coffee cultivation, harvesting, and roasting. Visitors also get the chance to taste various types of coffee, including the famous Luwak coffee. These tours are not only about tasting coffee but also understanding the hard work and dedication that goes into every cup. The Kintamani coffee experience is a must for coffee lovers and anyone interested in learning more about Bali’s agricultural traditions.

8. Penulisan Temple

Penulisan Temple, perched high on a mountain, is the highest temple in Bali and offers a unique spiritual and historical experience. This ancient temple is a testament to Bali’s rich history and cultural diversity, featuring a variety of relics and statues from different eras. The temple’s elevated location provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including Mount Batur and the ocean. The journey to the temple itself is a spiritual pilgrimage, offering a moment of reflection and connection with the past. Penulisan Temple is not just a religious site but a place where history, art, and spirituality converge, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in Bali’s cultural and religious history.

9. Educational Visit to Batur Geopark Museum

Batur Geopark, recognized by UNESCO, is a testament to Bali’s unique geological history. This park encompasses the caldera of Mount Batur, an active volcano, and offers a wide range of activities for visitors. The geopark is an educational treasure trove, showcasing the volcanic landscapes, cultural heritage, and rich biodiversity of the region. Visitors can explore the lava fields, visit traditional villages, and learn about the geological forces that shaped the island. The park is not only a place for scientific learning but also offers recreational activities like hiking, cycling, and bird watching, making it an ideal destination for families and nature enthusiasts.

10. Cycling Tours

Cycling tours in Kintamani provide a unique and eco-friendly way to explore the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. These tours take cyclists through picturesque landscapes, including rural villages, lush rice terraces, and along.


Kintamani is a destination that captures the essence of Bali’s diverse beauty and rich cultural heritage. From the breathtaking sunrise at Mount Batur to the peaceful waters of Lake Batur, and from the ancient traditions of Trunyan Village to the rejuvenating Toya Bungkah Hot Springs, each experience in Kintamani is a testament to the island’s enchanting charm. For those seeking to explore these wonders, Bukit Vista provides the perfect gateway, offering expert insights and exceptional hospitality services. Discover more about our offerings and plan your unforgettable Kintamani adventure by visiting Bukit Vista.
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