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img | April 22, 2021

Bukit Vista is about great people

The Bukit Vista team is in Bali, Jogja, Jakarta, Malaysia and Thailand.

Bukit Vista aims to be a leader in new hospitality. We are leaders in the Airbnb platform for South East Asia, with over 300+ property under management, 16,000+ reviews and a team of 27 travel entrepreneurs.

We provide hospitality and marketing services to resorts, villas, Balinese guest lodgings, and tree-houses. We make sure that our guests are able to discover the best properties and experience the most in our neighborhoods through the eyes of a local host. We have beach-front villas, cliff-top villas, tree-houses, eco-lofts and stone-cabins with thatch roofs.

Our hosts are ambassadors to their neighborhoods. They’re often the first to find out about all the new restaurants, bars or activities in the area. They’re bold, adventurous and set to delight guests.

Bali jobs in villa rentals

Meeting guests is our daily reward. We have met tens of thousands of visitors to Bali from 100s of nationalities over 7 years. It’s work that never gets old.

We believe that we’re introducing a new hospitality concept to our beloved island of Bali. As such, we are building a team and culture specially suited for our mission. We believe in guest delight. We believe that the best way to have happy guests is to have inspired team members. We sometimes work late hours but we do so in comfortable settings: on a standing table at our home base, on a bean bag chair on the beach, or from the deck of an infinity pool. Our office is where-ever we bring our MacBook Air and a 4G WiFi tether.

Kris, our first team member to join the company, discusses ideas with Wayana, our co-founder. We have a comfortable home-office with a chilli garden and soft bean-bag chairs.

We enable our team members to perform at their peak. We issue company Apple laptops, 4G smart-phones, large format monitors, standing desks (home-made, not the HumanScale ones). We happily pay performance bonuses when growth targets are met. We offer daily leadership & management opportunities to everyone, from interns to executives.

working on computers in villa rentals, Bali Indonesia

Here’s Kris, Wayana and Bayu in our very first office, Jing & Wayana’s living room. Bayu’s super good at making cool tech tools for us to use. The rest of us are working to fulfill our check-ins and make sure our guests arrive comfortably to their properties.

Kris is a reservation Jedi. He crushes inquiries on Airbnb, stacks up the bookings and sets our revenue count to overflowing. This helps us grow of course, keeping our property partners super delighted.

We celebrate milestones and achievements. As much as possible, we do a weekly Happy Hour either onsite or offsite. Company sponsored fun-time to cut loose, catch some beers and relive the ups and downs of the week.

Our very first Nyepi, Balinese day of silence, together with the team. This has become happily a yearly tradition. Imagine being trapped in a luxury villa with home-cooked Cajun food with your colleagues for 2 days. That’s what our Nyepi is like.

We collaborate on everything. Our guests are able to check-in successfully to their listings because Bukit Vista team members are managing calendars, chatting to the guests on WhatsApp, ordering Ubers and managing logistics and housekeeping teams. We’re always working and experimenting with the latest digital marketing, web development and social media marketing technologies.

Wayana, our co-founder, awaits for a late-night guest check in. The hours might be long, but we do it in style. Our offices are in villas, resorts, wherever our MacBook Air can connect to fast WiFi. ​

If you have an idea to make our operation better, we want to talk to you. If you have an idea to get more guest to rent our properties, we want to talk to you. We use HootSuite, Tableau and Redash. We chat on Slack, Discord, WeChat, WhatsApp & Telegram. We organize projects on Trello & Dropbox Paper. We manage our reservations on our own in-house service, BiGRR. We edit photos on Lightroom, Photoshop and draw funny diagrams on Skitch. We blog, we tweet, we update our Facebook, IG and LinkedIn pages when we get a chance. We manage successful accounts on Airbnb &

Part of being a host is to inspire delight. We do the things our guests like to do. Here’s the team at Jimbaran beach, having a sunset seafood dinner at Menega cafe.

Bukit Vista company outing in Jimbaran

We celebrate together. There’s always a milestone to celebrate every month. Sometimes it’s a Formal Friday, the birthday of a colleague, a work-anniversary, or the most recent 100 reviews we’ve received.

We want our guests to be delighted. We believe it starts with first nurturing our team. ​Free lunch, Balinese food on most days. Sometimes, our founder Jing cooks as well.

Our last Christmas party, in December 2018. An incredibly fun and momentous evening to celebrate with this team we call family.

Bukit Vista is constantly seeking new frontiers. This year, we’ve been exploring the home-sharing market in Nusa Penida and are growing to be the largest Airbnb host in the South East Asian region.

Bukit Vista is the largest villa marketplace and hospitality management organization in South Bali. 

You might like working here if you like:

  • Working with other smart, genuine people who are focused on the same mission.
  • Having new project ideas and the space/resources to try your creative ideas out. 
  • Complete our thorough interview process (We’re looking for growth mindset, bias to action, self-learners who understand our mission/vision & are motivated to positively transform themselves and the people around them)
  • Meet the global community. Love meeting guests from around the world.
  • Comfortable with computers and mobile computing.
  • Fast-moving company with proven business model and expanding revenue and product lines.
  • Learning new things. We try to learn at least 2-3 new things a week. From how to edit photos to how to speak French and Mandarin, we strive to make this an interesting workspace.
  • Career opportunities. At the present rate of growth, we’re looking to expand quite rapidly. Get in early to be considered for profit-sharing and senior roles. 

You might not like working here if you’re expecting:

  • Regular work hours and an easy paycheck.  We work when we have guests and we are paid when bookings are completed. 
  • To just do your job. Everyone at Bukit Vista is cross trained to do any task at hand. 
  • Uncomfortable with uncertainty. We’re constantly doing new things. You’ll need to figure out how to get things done with the resources at hand. 
  • Office politics. We have none of that here. 
  • Someone to always tell you what to do. We hire smart, motivated people. We don’t tell them what to do. They tell us what to do. Find the problem, own it, solve it.

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