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Managing Airbnb Remotely Tips: 5+ Hacks That You Need in 2023

img | July 13, 2022

Are you planning to start your Airbnb business abroad or wanted to go vacation but still have a good cash flow? Managing Airbnb remotely while you’re away is sure thing you can do!

Many of us start an Airbnb business as a side hustle to generate more passive income. However as an owner, there are many things we need to handle to manage the property.

To able manage Airbnb remotely, you need to upgrade some of the property’s features and add several amenities. It might cost you more budget, but trusts me it’ll be worth it. A little improvement on your property will also follow along to the guest experience. 

So here are some tips on managing airbnb remotely

1. Smart Locks

smart lock is a great way to improve your property while managing Airbnb remotely.
Smart lock is a great way to improve your property's security.

If you still have a door with a manual key or lock box with codes, and required your guess to take the key with them and potentially lost it. It’s not an effective way to secure your property and your guest while you’re away. So, first thing all you need to have to manage Airbnb remotely is Smart Lock. 

Smart Lock is a great solution for property owners or anyone when they are away. Smart Locks is allow you control your house to lock or unlock just by through your phone. And many benefits that you can get if you using Smart Lock for your property.

One of the best benefits that you will get as managing Airbnb remotely is Smart lock gives you a real time monitoring. You can see when is your guest check-in or check-out. You also can see when your staff or cleaners on your property and make sure that they were on duty. 

Your property security will increase by using smart locks. Because you can unlock, lock, and see when someone enters and leaves your property.

This can also add to the impression of guests on your property, because it proves that you care about the comfort and safety of guests while at your property. 

2. Checklist

Create check list to ensure your property is in good condition while managing Airbnb remotely.
Create check list to ensure your property is in good condition. Photo by Sajith R

As a property owner who manage a single or multiple Airbnb, we need to be orgnaized. Without being organized, you may cause your property into risk. 

While you are away, you must need to make sure that all of your property features and facilitates are all in a good condition. All the things that you need is a checklist. You need to create a checklist of all your property and guest’s needs. 

You need a checklist of property maintenance, checklist of stock and supplies, ensure the WIFI is working and pay the bills. You dont’ want to let the guest see your plumber broken or linen is not enough while you are away. It would suddenly decrease the guest experience at your property and you also don’t to get the negative review from your guest. 

So, make sure that you can be an organised person and make sure that all your property is ready to welcome the guest and give them the most homie vibes at your property. 

3. Guidance Book and Sign Card

Put a small sign in the bathroom to remind guest to always control the water usage at your bali rental villas.
Put a small sign in the bathroom to remind guest to always control the water usage. Photo by greenhotels.com

When you are away from your property, you want to make sure that your guest know how to navigate all the facilitates or smart devices at your property. All you need to ensure that is by providing a guidance book as one of the welcoming guest staff at your property, alongside with the other sweet staff that you give them. 

In guidance book, you can write down everything that your guest must know, such as how to change the temperature, how to turn on the Smart TV, how to turn on the heater, and so on. 

So when they got confused of running something at your property, you allow them to check the guidance book first before approaching. This will be very effective for them as you might not available for 24/7 for your guest while you are at work or on vacation.

Besides guidance book, you need to provides signage. Signage is helpful to remind the guest to do something or keep all things at the right place. You can put a sign at the bathroom to remind them reuse the towel, you can put a sign at kitchen and any places at your property. 

4. Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat helps to control the temperature from your mobile phone to managing Airbnb remotely
Smart Thermostat helps to control the temperature from your mobile phone.

Next smart devices that you must have to manage Airbnb remotely is Smart Thermostats. Smart thermostats is a smart home devices that that offer a self-control temperature of your heating or air conditioning in your property through your phone. 

Using Smart Thermostats, you can control the temperature in any room just by a single app on your phone. And unlike a regular control remote, Smart Thermostats allows you to monitor the entire house’s temperature. 

This devices will gives you a more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly approach to keep your property in appropriate temperature. Also for your guest, it’ll be comfortable if once they come inside your house, the temperature is already well set and gives them a warm vibes at your property. 

5. Trusted Partners

property owners requesting villa management service consultation in Bali
Bukit Vista has 130+ trusted property partners with 10+ years of experience

After all everything that you done to manage Airbnb remotely from long distance, you still cannot predict an unexpected things that could happened at your property. That’s why you still needs to rely your property at trusted partners to handle the unexpected things. 

There are 3 key persons that you should have if you’re planning to manage Airbnb remotely: 

  • Cleaners

You need someone that cleaning your property before guest check-in. You don’t want to let your property in messy while there are some guest that wanted to book your property in the same day. So, all you need is someone that doesn’t need to live at your property but just near your property. So, whenever you have guest about to check-in, you can call them up ask to cleaning your property. 

  • Maintenance person

Second person that you need is maintenance person. Although you already check all your features and facilitates at your property is already good an set, there’s still a chance of risk and problem that could happened. 

You need to hire or partnered up with a repair person near your property that you can trust. So, whenever you need them, you can contact them to check your property and repair the stuff if needed. 

  • Air-support person

And last person that you want to keep an eye on your property is air-support person. Air-support person will help you to give hands for your guest in case there is an emergency. You could have your family members, property manager, friends, or neighbour. 

Conclusion on how to manage airbnb remotely

So, those are the hack, tips, or advice for you who planning managing Airbnb remotely so you don’t have to surrender your main job or your personal life to get a good cash flow to your bank account. 

Those hacks might require you spend a little budget, but doesn’t mean you don’t have an option to minimize it with our Zero Management Services. 

You can rely all your property’s need with Bukit Vista. We have 130+ properties as our partners and help them to ensure their property is taken care with maximum effort. 

So, what are you waiting for? Consult now and let us know how can we help you to be successful. 

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