Mastering Future-Ready Backend Developer Skills in Bukit Vista

img Daffa BukitVitsta | September 25, 2023

Experience is the most valuable thing a person can gain. Everyone can achieve success through experience and learning. I’m Daffa Nabil Libriana, an intern Backend Developer at Bukit Vista, want to share my invaluable experience of having the opportunity to intern and gain extraordinary insights every day in developing my career as a Backend Developer Engineer at Bukit Vista.

Company Knowledge & Culture

Becoming an engineer is not just about technical skills alone. Every day here, I learn that an engineer must be able to understand company knowledge and culture to solve real problems in the business process. Communication skills, creativity, analysis, ethics, self-knowledge, and improvement are important aspects of being an engineer.


Here is one of the sessions I went through during the onboarding process. The onboarding process has taught me a lot about understanding the company’s knowledge and culture at Bukit Vista.

Backend Developer Roadmap and Fundamentals

My job as a Backend Developer in the Hospitality Management Service is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining server-side components, databases, and APIs that support property operations to ensure a seamless guest experience. Here, I learn how to implement the fundamental tech skills I have to create useful features within the company. After understanding the company culture and knowledge through the implementation of the tech skills I have and receiving guidance from my mentor, here are some features that I have successfully created :

  • Refactoring the Insert Unit Feature with a better architecture, making the development and maintenance process easier.
  • Refactoring Property Notes with a better architecture and connecting it with GAIA AI Assistance.

Exploring The Newest AI Technology

Technology is something that evolves very rapidly, and as engineers, we must be able to adapt to this challenge. Bukit Vista is a highly agile company that is open to new technologies, one of which is AI. GAIA is the AI assistance owned by Bukit Vista, designed to store all company knowledge and assist in the overall business processes of Bukit Vista. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about this latest technology through Bukit Vista, and in less than a month, I have successfully contributed to two GAIA projects:

GAIA Newest AI Technology
  • Developing AI Assistance that can automatically create content request cards on Trello.
  • Connecting GAIA with Property Notes, thereby enhancing insights and information provided by GAIA itself.

Continuous learning, Not Just Working

Here, we are not just working and doing our tasks alone. Every day, we are required to learn new things. Technical reviews and workshops are examples of the learning activities we engage in daily. We are expected to continually develop ourselves each day.

Technical Review

Technical reviews are conducted every day to review code writing that is not up to standard. This is done to improve the quality of the code created each day.


Workshops are conducted for training and learning new things, as shown in the image above, where we were learning how to use Docker and Docker Compose. Through these activities, we aim to foster continuous learning.

My internship at Bukit Vista has been a valuable experience that has opened my eyes to the professional world. I’ve not only learned how to work effectively but also how to collaborate with diverse individuals, each with their unique backgrounds and skills. This experience has taught me important values like teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance. Overall, it has boosted my confidence and prepared me for future challenges. I’m thankful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to learn and contribute in this amazing environment.

Lets make an impact together by being a part of Bukit Vista.

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