Operational Excellence at Villa Amerta Puratangi: How Raditya and Bukit Vista Hosts Step on Toes

img Syelynn | October 7, 2023

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Syelynn from Bukit Vista Human Resource team and I’m here to tell you more about our team members’ stories where they showcase their operational excellence and apply our core values on their work.

In the world of hospitality where every guest’s experience is paramount, we always strive to set a remarkable standard. Raditya, a dedicated member of the Bukit Vista hosting team, is known for his exceptional ability to inspire delight among the guests at Villa Amerta Puratangi. One particular incident stands out as a testament to his commitment to ensuring that every guest has a memorable experience.

One day, Raditya was assigned a special task by his supervisor, Krisna. He was entrusted with the responsibility of delivering food to long-term guests staying at Villa Amerta Puratangi. Upon contacting the guests to inquire about their food preferences, Raditya learned that they were in need of 5 bowls of noodles and 5 sodas, which he promptly sourced from the nearby Warung Kita.

When Raditya arrived at the Villa with the food in hand, he saw it as an opportunity to go the extra mile for the guests. He engaged them in conversation and asked if they had any concerns or issues during their stay where mentioned a construction issue that had been bothering them. His proactive approach and dedication to resolving the problem left a positive impression on the guests.

Before departing, Raditya asked the guests to consider sharing their positive experience by leaving a 5-star review, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a high standard of service and hospitality. As a final touch, he took a photo with both the guests and the food seller, capturing a moment of genuine connection and care that had defined his interaction with the guests that day.

Raditya’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and valued is a shining example of the exceptional hospitality provided by the Bukit Vista hosting team at Villa Amerta Puratangi. His dedication to going above and beyond to address the guests’ concerns and provide them with a memorable experience embodies the spirit of true hospitality.

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