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img Syelynn | July 30, 2021

Ever wondered what it’s like inside Bukit Vista? Our community, our chapters, and our roles? In Bukit Vista, with all the flexibility and opportunities provided and given, more often than not, you are not bound to just your role but you can always go beyond based on your skillset as a part of being positively transformed during your internship and to always inspire delight.

There are three particular user journeys that the company focuses on. They are the Partners, Guests, Employee user journeys, represented as wedges in the diagram. Within each wedge consists of five user funnel stages, starting with awareness at the outer ring, followed by engagement, conversion, transformation, and advocacy which are located in each subsequent ring, moving towards the center.

Rings and Wedges

The rings are based on a person’s competency and skill set while the wedges are based on the mission and the journey of a particular user. Furthermore, the wedges are correlated to the SLAs that each chapter needs to achieve.

Another insight on why the lines are dotted between each of the wedges is because no one in BV is restricted to focus on their job role, but here we encourage our employees to do more outside of their own chapters as well.

Team Organization

As you can see from the colors in the diagram, each color represents a different chapter. In Bukit Vista, we have 10 teams in total, specified into 3 squads and 7 chapters.

Partnership Squad mainly focuses on leading property owners to deliver inspirational guest experiences through hospitality innovation.

Next on Employee Squad, we strive to continuously improve on our speed and accuracy of hires in hopes of building the greatest professional network for hospitality innovation. Through our innovation culture, we hope that it can lead the global hospitality industry.

Not forgetting the Guest Squad focuses on the guest experience, mainly by providing a hospitable guest experience through customer service and managing reservations.

For the chapters, first we have Awareness (& Engagement) Chapter where our team will come up with a strategy to attract like-minded people who are interested to join Bukit Vista either as guests, partners, or even potential employees! We raise awareness by doing various approach to external parties, which are usually done by some of the teams such as Digital Marketing, Content Creators, and Public Relations. Next step is to proceed with the engagement stage to allow better understanding between two parties as it is a two-way street.

The next stage is the Conversion Chapter, where we seal partnerships or contracts once you decide you’re interested in the company’s services or products. At the same time, prospective candidates are screened and selected to ensure quality of hires at Bukit Vista.

Transformation Chapter holds the mission to positively transform our guests, partners, and employees. We nurture and develop innovations to ensure our users are delighted and inspired by our best service.

Advocacy Chapter functions as the relationship maintainer. We want to inspire newer users to join our user communities to transform together.

Next on the list is Product Development Chapter, we hope to inspire the hospitality industry through technological innovation.

Last but not least, Business Intelligence Chapter where we analyze and discover opportunities to accelerate revenue growth for the best global portfolio of properties. We strive to have top of the market performance for our distribution platforms.


Not forgetting our leaders, right at the center of the chart. Their experience and skills are flexible and adaptable to different chapters and wedges, which is why they are not confined in each of the ring or wedge in the graph. They are the ones who will lead and guide us in the right direction and also train us to be young leaders.


To conclude, the Bukit Vista Organizational Chart is a chart that allows mainly employees and partners to understand how the company works. Furthermore, with Bukit Vista’s flexible work culture, it allows room for creativity and innovation not limited to the role an individual applied for.

An example of how to understand this diagram is if a PR intern who is particularly competent in the awareness chapter, the employee squad can extend their work out as well and target different wedges such as the guest and partnership squad.

We hope that you managed to gain a greater understanding and some insights about our company structure and our various chapters. If you are interested to find out more or be a part of us, feel free to approach us.

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