Places with Astonishing Sea View in Penida

img Syelynn | March 26, 2021

Nusa Penida, indeed, presents an unforgettable adventurous experience for anyone who come. The blue sea along the road brings you a warm and comfortable tropical atmosphere. Walk on white sand, breathe the natural air while slurping to a glass of orange juice will make everyone (include you, I bet) said “I can do this forever!”

More than the beautiful view in it’s famous beaches, there are houses to stay that will lift up your experience with it’s amazing view. So here Bukit Vista will show you the places with breathtaking sea-view of Penida. Check out the list!

Bukit Sunrise

Imagine the perfect morning when you wake up early and immediately seeing mountain and ocean view, who would say no for that? This place gives you rich tropical experience while also feel the modesty of the owner family. We’ll take you to a guest house with 4 bedrooms, that located directly facing the sunrise in the morning. Relax and enjoy fruit juice and the banana pancake, is a one of tons option for activities when you stay at this place. Book it fast here: Bukit Sunrise Airbnb

Manta Cottages

I will never bored to keep talking about how lovely the sea breeze and beach scenery of this island. The view of turquoise water, the coconut and the swimming pool is a perfect match to maximize your holiday. Take pleasure to stay in a comfort room with a breath-taking seaside view with affordable price. This cabin allow you to take a rest with comfortable double bed after a long adventurous day for exploring Nusa Penida. There’s also a free WiFi access to stay connected with your friends while you staying here. Check out the listing here: Manta Cottages Airbnb

The Angkal

Listen to the buzzing of the sea without moving any centimetre out of your bed, and feel the sea breeze from this beautiful resort class accommodation. Please welcomt The Angkal, a scenic place for you who want to get close with the nature and a tropical ambience. Start your adventure by swimming in a the infinity pool and enjoy the fresh juice or delicious food from the restaurants next to the pool. The hanging bar which is part of the resort will surprises you with it’s incredible sea view. All your brand new experience start from here, so get ready! Check the pictures here: The Angkal Airbnb

Warisan Homestay

Start your adventurous day in Nusa Penida by watching outstanding bay view from your bedroom. Get energized by having breakfast with variants of pancake, omelette or the legendary ‘Mie Goreng’ and also a cup of tea. Enjoy the other scenery by walking down the hill and swim with the fish within 10 minutes walk in Toya Pakeh Harbour.

Make it slow day and chill in the private patio in front of your room will be great idea too. Make Penida as your adventure inspiration, by staying in this house. Worry that it’ll be drain your wallet? No no no. This room surprisingly only cost around 20$ per night! Book it fast: Warisan Homestay Airbnb

Boga Segara

Nature and adventure are totally the deadly combination to make whoever always go out and travel to Nusa Penida. This guesthouse will offer a wooden cabin with a natural impression. In front of the cabin there is also a wide stretch of sea, which you can enjoy at any time. The other plus point is, this cabin has unique loft design which separate the living room and the bedroom in each floor. Totally feels like home!

Dinner accompanied by stars and the roar of the waves, make the experience in Penida more romantic than before. Check out the listing here: Boga Segara Airbnb

Tegar Penida Paradise

All your doubts about Penida all will be answered here. Here comes the place to stay that takes your adventure to the next level. The blue sea of Toya Pakeh Harbour is reachable by 7 minutes walk. The clear sky is also an encouragement for you to adventure in enjoying the beauty of Penida. This guesthouse have a unique and simple home design and the bedroom also surrounded by wooden ornament. All opportunities for adventure, swimming with fish, climbing hill, drive a scooter accompanied by gusts of wind, are yours. So don’t miss it! Book here: Tegar Penida Paradise Airbnb

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