Press Release: Being Creative to Build a Good Branding

img Syelynn | July 1, 2022

Building a brand is challenging for most people, one of the category for ‘people’ is business owners. How can a business owner build and expand their brand to be known by the world?

As a collaboration between Bukit Vista and BEM FIB UNDIP, last Saturday a workshop for future entrepreneurs from Diponegoro University students was held. Gunung Ghania, our Vice Chapter Lead and Jesslyn Wijaya, our Social Media Strategist gave the students many insights on how to build a brand from digital marketing perspective.

How to Build a Strong Brand? 

For the past 10 years of experience, Bukit Vista had faced with many challenges in building and expanding our brand. We believe that to build a strong brand we must see from the perspective of external parties than the brand maker itself. We ask questions like:

  • How does our brand actually looks like from their side? 
  • Do they feel the vibe of Bukit Vista brand when they enter our property or perhaps our company? 

Kak Ghani showed us reviews and testimonies that Bukit Vista usually get from guests, partners, and employees side either from our Airbnb platform, a Community Sharing Session with partners, or LinkedIn posts. From those testimonies, we can create a better strategy for Bukit Vista brand to be more acknowledged.

What does Branding actually means or looks like?

The concept of branding often found mistaken. Branding is not always a green logo printed on a white cardboard cup or three stripes on shoes that people ware but perhaps can be a customer’s feeling when they hold the white cardboard cup or when they stayed for one night at our property. That means that a brand can also be our reputation and a result. Branding is our identity and everyone that’s involved affects the brand.

What are the Creative Ways to do it?

Kak Jesslyn Wijaya continues the talk by pointing out more on creative ways to show the brand. In Bukit Vista, we like to show our brand in different creative ways such as using one of kind profile picture and certain element in our posters that could be important to represent our brand. Brands live in the mind and they live in the minds of everyone who experiences them. It could be in the employees, investors, the media and perhaps most importantly, the customers. Bukit Vista represents itself to the guests started by doing simple things like friendly profile pictures and titles in AirBnb ads.

Another highlight is that “it’s better to show, not tell”. Along the years of experience we’ve learned that making videos and pictures of our guest when they’re staying in our property is more catchy than just writings. The picture can actually represents our brand that Bukit Vista inspire delight to all guests who stayed in our property.  We learned to let them share their moments. From employee side, a brand also occurs because it doesn’t only belong to a company but also its members. 

As a reminder, we should keep in our mind that a brand is more than just how we look, we can control what we show, but not who people perceive us, a strong brand is a consistent. 

Interested to gain more experience in branding? Come join us! Bukit Vista is a property management start up company based in Bali, Yogyakarta, and Nusa Penida. We are currently open for Online Sales & Reservations, Online Customer Support, Guest Experience Supervisor, Digital Marketing, Public Relation and many more! Head on and apply directly at our job landing page and let’s positively transform together!

Inspire delight!

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