7 Best Recommended Villa in Bali for Rent Close To G20 Venue

img | November 17, 2022
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Many villa in bali for rent has prepared to welcome G20 Summit that will be held on November, 15-16 2022

Bali has always been the epicenter of Indonesia’s tourism destination, nestled between the busy Java island and the captivating beauty of Lombok.

Bali, with its magnificent scenery and vibrant culture, resembles a paradise on earth where gods choose to reside, earning it the moniker “Island of Gods.” Shading a distinct and distinct tone that comprises Indonesia’s color.

Visiting Bali at this moment is indeed one thing that will bring new experiences to your life. Choose to stay close to the G20 venue and has many destinations such as paradise on earth. Bali has always been famous for its villas that have luxurious, unique interiors and exteriors, and stunning natural views. 

Ungasan, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are favorite areas for tourists. Here are 6 recommended villa in Bali for rent close to the G20 venue in the Ungasan, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua areas that you must consider before coming to Bali.


1. Beach House 55

buying villa in bali

Beach House 55 is a perfect villa in bali for rent for those of you who looking to stay in the heart of Ungasan, South Kuta, Bali. The location of this villa is close to many famous beaches such as Green Bowl Beach, Melasti Beach, and Pandawa Beach.

The modern feel and minimalist touch, as well as the complete facilities, will make you feel at home and at ease during your stay. Many activities can be held here with your family and friends.

Despite being in the heart of Ungasan, the location is not too close to the Ungasan entertainment center. You can spend quality time with your family and friends at home without being bothered by outside noise. Take a look more here

2. Maharaja Residence

villa in bali for rent in ungasan
Located in Ungasan, Maharaja Residence is an ideal private villa with wide space for a big groups or family.

Maharaja Residence is another recommended villa in bali for rent if you want to stay in Ungasan. Maharaja Residence is the ideal location for those looking for a private, WFH-friendly space with full facilities and modern furniture.

It is very convenient for those of you who are already working but want to bring your family on vacation because it has a private room for work.

Furthermore, not far from the villa are many well-known tourist attractions, such as GWK Culture Park, Uluwatu Temple, Green Bowl Beach, Melasti Beach, and others.

3. Blu Apsara

Blu Apsara Villa is the final recommendation in the Ungasan area to consider. Staying at Blu Apsara will provide you with a cool and luxurious atmosphere, with a fairly large green lawn in front of it and a luxurious exterior design.

The luxurious and homey impression with a touch of natural furniture creates many aesthetic and interesting spots to take a photo. This house is ideal for those of you who want to spend time at home because the atmosphere will not bore you and will make you feel at ease.

Nusa Dua

1. NDBV Lot 6 dan NDBV Lot 3

villa in bali for rent
NDBV Lot 6 Villa
villa in bali for rent g20
NDBV Lot 3 Villa

Can you already feel  the breeze and sound of the sea while you were swimming just by seeing the image above? Yes, you can only feel these experience at NDBV Lot 6 and NDBV Lot 3. Feel the experience of swimming in an infinity pool with a direct view of the sea where you won’t get in any place. 

Located on the stunning seafront of Nusa Dua, this villa will spoil your eyes all day spending time here. With the soothing sound of the ocean, you can relax your mind and work in peace accompanied by beautiful sea views.

The elegant and luxurious interior of the house will also spoil your experience here. Complete facilities and spacious rooms will be able to meet all needs while staying here. Interested? Take a look more for NDBV Lot 6 and NDBV Lot 3 on AIrbnb. 


1. Villa Bahagia

villa in bali for rent
The luxury and calm athmosphere is perfect for you who wants to have a quality time with big family

One of the recommended luxury villas in Jimbaran that you can stay in is Villa Bahagia. Like the name of the villa which means happiness, this place will give you the happiness that you desire with your family, friends, and even your favorite pet. Yup, you read it right! Not like other places, this villa is pet-friendly. 

Not just allow you to bring your buddy here, this villa also has a calming atmosphere with quite a large area. The swimming pool and complete facilities will fill all your expectation. This villa also provides a streaming platform, Netflix which you can use to watch with the whole family.

If you are bored at the villa, you can visit the famous beaches in Jimbaran which are not far from the villa. You can visit Jimbaran Beach, Balangan Beach, and Bingin Beach.

2. Villa Rumah Pertama

Every morning, the view of the shady and green trees will greets you through your bedroom window. Located at Uluwatu, Villa Rumah Pertama is one of the kind that you will find. This villa has a stunning view of the city skyline that will serve your eyes at night. 

This villa, like the previous recommendations for luxury villas in Bali, has a very modern and beautiful interior and exterior. With mostly wood furniture and decorations, this house is very comfortable that make you feels like home. 

This villa is also fairly large and has a number of rooms. Staying here is ideal if you have a large family, close friends, or coworkers.The facilities provided will also make your stay here very exciting because you will be able to share a warm togetherness. 

There is Netflix and a TV large enough for you to watch movies together, as well as a private pool, a spacious kitchen, and other amenities that you can check here.

You can also relax with a view of the city skyline, because there are many relaxing rooms with lots of soft sofas near the balcony with city skyline views at Villa Rumah Pertama, which you can use to hang out together.


As the host of one of the biggest gatherings from various countries around the world, it is indeed a golden opportunity that is rarely found by Indonesia. This good opportunity is the right time for Indonesia to promote tourism in the international world.

If you are interested in meetings and delegations from various countries in the world, come to Bali immediately. Your visit to Bali will be no less enjoyable, because many preparations have been made by the Government. Choose a property that is comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family with Bukit Vista.

There are more than 100 luxury and high-rated properties that have become partners with Bukit Vista to be ready to welcome your arrival in Bali. Book now.

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