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img | March 27, 2021

Property Owner Onboarding

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As a new Bukit Vista property partner, we want to make your rental experience as flawless as possible. We’re thrilled to bring your property to market and know there’s a lot of emotional & financial satisfaction with owning a holiday property. We’re here to help you grow your rental business. We consider our property owners as investors and we’ll be managing your assets for the most favorable returns. Welcome to Bukit Vista.

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Understanding Revenue Management

Why care about revenue? It’s the best performance indicator of financial success. We consider your villa as a small business. As such, it’s important to set & achieve revenue targets per month & per year. Focusing on occupancy or average daily rate don’t tell the whole story. If you’re making revenue targets, then you’re in business.

What’s the best price for my property? The market is increasingly dynamic and responsive. This has been due to the rapid expansion of online booking, cloud computing, and mobile apps. Consumers can now shop over 10,000 listings alone in Bali. There are many factors involved in a consumer’s decision but the most common two considerations are location & price. We price your villa dynamically, based on proprietary pricing models & data analysis methods.

How does the Bukit Vista pricing model work? We track a number of factors to determine the price of your property. The most important consideration is to realize that in order to achieve high revenue, you’ll need traffic to your listings, and traffic is gotten on Airbnb via your property ranking.

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