What working as an Operations Professionals at Bukit Vista looks Like?

img | December 16, 2022

Here's an in-depth Interview with our Supervisor!

Grey’s Background

Greytha Velma or usually called Grey, is a Senior Sales & Reservations Specialist at Bukit Vista. She is a Tourism Graduate from the University of Indonesia. She started her journey in Bukit Vista as an Intern, and fast forward to two years later, right now, she is leading our Sales and Reservation team. Such a fantastic experience, right? In Bukit Vista. We have limitless career path. Everyone can become a leader.
Here are the interview results when talking with her.

What are your daily activities working as Operations Professionals?
As a reservation supervisor, I lead the reservation team and convert inquiries to bookings.

Things that you love working as Operations Professionals?
Talking with fellow members and talking with the guest. Finding our guest plans is like a puzzle. We must put it together and find out what the guest really wants. It is challenging, but if we can accomplish it in a way, it’s fascinating and inspires delight.
What is the most challenging thing working as Operations Professionals?
We are adapting and using many tools, such as Slack, Coda, Text expander, and Manychat. Most people struggle to learn and use new tools. But here, in Bukit Vista, we learn and utilize many amazing tools.
How to overcome the challenge?
To overcome the challenge, we always collect feedback from fellow employees on whether we already have enough guidance and guideline. The feedback is for optimizing and improving our systems. We will do brainstorming with the team. For the candidates, there will be material to be studied before the candidates jump into the operation team. We always help others to help themselves.
How do you manage your time?
Working online makes me manage my time quite well. Here, in Bukit Vista, I have more leisure time management than working offline in the office. For instance, we have flexible lunch break time. So, the most important thing about working in BV is remember to take your break so that you will have a work-life balance. The challenging thing while working online is we need to do strategic thinking, and we always need to be ready anytime.
Grey working at the comfort of her home
Bukit Vista uses Discord - a video platform to chat and collaborate with our colleagues.

What is the most exciting thing about working as Operations Professionals?
Working in BV made me more fluent in speaking English and enhanced my written English skills. We need to be persuasive here. BV is a perfect place if you want to improve your speaking and writing skills in English.


Tips and tricks working as Operations Professionals?
While working in the operation team, we will meet many people. There will be people that are upset, mad, and even sending complaints to you. That’s okay if we Fail Fast. But, whatever the guest says to you, don’t take things personally. We always need to be hospitable while working in a hospitality company. Don’t take things that will make you emotionally draining. We need to positively transform. Do your best to inspire the guest and make the guest happy.

Would you like to experience working in operation? What are you waiting for? Join our team now and transform the hospitality industry for the better!

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