Join BV E-Talk 24 as we spotlight AI and technology’s pivotal role in transforming the hospitality industry. Discover how these innovations optimize revenue, inform investments, and enhance sustainability, shaping the future of hospitality.


As an innovative hospitality company, we want to share the knowledge and wisdom to inspire delight our audiences to pursue adventurous careers in hospitality industry.

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BV E-Talk 24

AI Powered Tech Solutions: Transforming Hospitality Investment for Sustainable Growth.

Uncover into transformation in the world of hospitality investment. Discover how AI Powered Tech Solutions are reshaping the industry for sustainable growth. From enhancing revenue management with AI to data-driven investment decisions and sustainable, tech-driven investment strategies, this is the future of success in the world of hospitality.

Why this topic?

Enhancing Revenue Management with AI

Explores how AI-driven pricing algorithms can boost revenue and occupancy rates, backed by real-world success stories. It emphasizes the importance of personalization and accurate revenue forecasting through AI.

Data-Driven Investment Decisions

Discover AI’s role in data analysis for identifying lucrative investment opportunities, enhancing property selection and acquisition decisions, and assessing associated risks. Efficient property evaluation through AI algorithms is a key focus.

Sustainable Growth and Tech-Driven Investment

Uncover the fusion of sustainability initiatives and technology in the hospitality sector that is essential for long-term success. This leads to cost savings, attractive investments, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a more prosperous future.

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Friday, 8th of December 2023

⏰ 13.00 - 15.00 GMT+7


Our Goal

Facilitate In-Depth Discussions

Our goal is to facilitate in-depth discussions and offer thorough insights into AI and technology’s impact on the hospitality industry. We aim to encourage dynamic idea exchange among speakers, the audience, and partners, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.


Educate and Raise Awareness

We aim to go beyond a webinar; we aspire to be an educational resource. We aim to inform and enlighten the public about AI’s substantial influence on revenue management, investment choices, and sustainability in the hospitality industry. Through increased awareness, we hope to inspire positive change and innovation.

Networking and Collaboration

BV E-Talk serves as a networking platform for speakers, audiences, and partners to connect, collaborate, and form valuable relationships. We emphasize the importance of fostering a community passionate about leveraging technology for growth and sustainability in the hospitality sector.


Discover more about the BV E-Talk 24 topic and set out on an informative and inspiring experience that will broaden your horizons.

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