Illuminating the Path of Human Resource Leadership in Bali’s Hospitality Industry with Juan Jose Zevallos

img Yosefine BukitVista | October 2, 2023

Hello, I’m Yosefine, a Human Resource Intern at Bukit Vista, and I’m also the author of this article. This article not only sheds light on the captivating realm of human resource leadership but also provides a window into the intricate fabric of our vibrant community. It’s a story of passion, values, and the relentless pursuit of delight. Through the words of remarkable individuals like Juan Jose Zevallos, we uncover the art of inspiring teams, navigating change, and embracing diversity. So, as you embark on this adventure, I invite you to open your mind to the possibilities, to explore the fusion of hospitality and human resource leadership, and to join me in unraveling the tapestry of excellence that defines Bukit Vista’s mission. Together, we’ll navigate the captivating intersection where innovation meets inspiration, where values shape cultures, and where the future of hospitality takes form.

In the dynamic realm of Bali’s hospitality industry, where innovation is the heartbeat of every establishment, Bukit Vista stands as a torchbearer of inspiration. Beyond being a player in the hospitality scene, Bukit Vista is a visionary force, striving to become an integral part of the grand professional network for hospitality innovation. Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire delight in everyone, every time, everywhere. This mission is not merely a statement but a way of life, deeply rooted in our Core Values, which we are determined to project onto their community. In return, we have cultivated a self-driven community, all united by a shared purpose: to inspire delight.

Our discussion into the world of human resource leadership begins with a captivating conversation with Juan Jose Zevallos, a trailblazer with a unique trajectory. Initially trained as a mechanical engineer, Juan found his true calling in human resource after a stint at Procter & Gamble. He expounds on the significance of adding value to the teams he leads and shares insights on creating a vision and mission for his team. The discussion delves into the realm of inspirational leadership and the nuanced understanding of individual motivations within a team.

Juan delves into two distinct responses when it comes to aligning with a company’s values. The first response is the unwavering commitment of individuals to follow the company’s ideals and vision, while the second response highlights the diversity of personal visions and missions. Juan also tackles the topic of organizational change and the imperative for individuals to adapt to new directions. He sheds light on the importance of employee surveys in understanding their needs and ensuring business continuity amid high turnover rates.

The pivotal role of surveys in enhancing a company’s performance comes into focus. Juan emphasizes that surveys should be participatory and critical, serving as more than mere feedback-gathering tools. Additionally, core values emerge as a driving force in realizing a company’s vision and mission. Aspirational values become indispensable when individual values alone may not suffice.

Juan underscores the distinctions between surveys and direct observations in measuring employee satisfaction. He engages in a discourse about how core values can evolve over time and in different contexts, while underscoring the importance of remaining authentic in upholding these values.

Juan leads us to the crucial juncture where organizations must embrace their values for the future. He discusses how integrity can be redefined and seen from a broader perspective in the present day. Furthermore, he focuses on strategies to attract candidates who align with a company’s culture, thus solving the ever-persistent challenge of cultural fit.

In the vibrant tapestry of Bali’s hospitality industry, Bukit Vista’s commitment to inspire delight resonates as a guiding light. Our pursuit of innovation in tandem with leaders like Juan Jose Zevallos illuminates the path forward. It’s a journey where human resource leadership isn’t just about managing resources but about nurturing the human spirit within each team member. Together, we create a future where the values that define us today will shape the world of tomorrow—a world where Bukit Vista’s mission to inspire delight finds its fullest expression on the global stage.

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