Himpro GSB Statistika IPB

Hima Statistika IPB

Himpunan Mahasiswa Profesi Gamma Sigma Beta Statistika IPB (Himpro GSB Statistika IPB) is a student organization that takes the form of a professional student association in the field of statistics. Himpro GSB Statistika IPB was founded on March 30, 1979. Himpro GSB Statistika IPB is based in the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB University Dramaga Campus, Bogor. Himpro GSB Statistika IPB is based on Pancasila and the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

Himpro GSB Statistika IPB has the following goals and efforts:


  1. To develop and enhance the interest, talent, and creative potential of students in the field of statistics, particularly and other sciences in general.
  2. To develop and follow up on ideas and professional efforts in the field of statistics within the student community, particularly and outside the student community, in general.
  3. To establish and maintain cooperation among statistics students, particularly and outside statistics students, in general.


  1. To utilize knowledge and profession in the field of statistics in line with the developments of science within society.
  2. To utilize the potential, interests, and talents of statistics students to support their skills in statistics.
  3. To organize forums and meetings to discuss and examine statistical issues faced by the community.
  4. To establish close relationships and cooperate with similar organizations, institutions, and government or private agencies.

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