Bukit Vista’s Organization Chart

img Jey Bukitvista | September 13, 2023
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A glimpse on Bukit Vista’s User Funnels

There are three particular user journeys that the company focuses on. They are the Partners, Guests, Employee user journeys, represented as wedges in the diagram. Within each wedge consists of five user funnel stages, starting with awareness at the outer ring, followed by engagement, conversion, transformation, and advocacy which are located in each subsequent ring, moving towards the center.

Rings and Wedges

The rings are based on a person’s competency and skill set while the wedges are based on the mission and the journey of a particular user. Furthermore, the wedges are correlated to the SLAs that each chapter needs to achieve.

All employees belong to both a:

  • Squad: this is the purpose of their work
  • Chapter: this is the skillsets they use to achieve their work

Team Organization

In the diagram, each color represents a different chapter. Bukit Vista has three primary teams, working on the positive transformation of three users: guests, employees & property partners.


  1. Partnership Squad: Focuses on guiding property owners to provide inspiring guest experiences through hospitality innovation.
  2. Employee Squad: Aims to improve the speed and accuracy of hiring to build a strong professional network for hospitality innovation.
  3. Guest Squad: Concentrates on delivering a hospitable guest experience through customer service and managing reservations.


  1. Awareness Chapter: Develops strategies to attract like-minded individuals interested in joining Bukit Vista as guests, partners, or employees. It involves activities such as digital marketing, content creation, and public relations.
  2. Conversion Chapter: Transforms prospects into users, whether it’s guests booking properties or selecting potential employees for Bukit Vista.
  3. Transformation Chapter: Focuses on positively transforming guests, partners, and employees through innovative approaches and excellent service.
  4. Advocacy Chapter: Maintains relationships with users and encourages them to join our user communities for collective transformation.
  5. Product Development Chapter: Inspires the hospitality industry through technological innovation.
  6. Business Intelligence Chapter: Focuses on revenue management, finances, and forecasting. Mainly works with partners to ensure that revenue performance is estimated and delivered.
  7. Leadership: Upper managers are responsible primarily for identifying talent, role assignment, delegation, and rewards/punishment to motivate teams.


In summary, the Bukit Vista Organizational Chart helps employees and partners understand how the company operates. With Bukit Vista’s flexible work culture, individuals have room for creativity and innovation beyond their assigned roles. For example, a PR intern competent in the Awareness Chapter can contribute to the Guest and Partnership Squads. If you’re interested in learning more or joining us, feel free to approach us.

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