Chapter Workshop

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 15, 2023

Meeting type: Problem-solving and Innovation meeting


  • Translate insight from multiple squad into campaigns and actionable in a chapter
  • Sharing best practices and success stories, avoid reinventing the wheel and repeating the same mistakes across different squad
  • Discuss strategic decisions to achieve chapter SLA


  • Chapter person
    • Discover discussion topic about overall chapter performance and improvement
    • Prioritize the discussion topics to resolve the highest priority issues during the meeting
    • Lead problem solving by driving elegant solutions
      • Socratic discovery
      • Delegation of solutions to chapter members
  • Sample Chapter Chairmanship Guidelines – Socratic Inspection
    • Have you made progress towards your SLA this week?
      • NO.
        • Are there guidelines that show you how to accomplish your goals?
          • If no, can you and the chapter lead meet to create guidelines on how to achieve your goals today and implement them this week?
          • If yes, have you been following those guidelines?
            • If yes, then do you believe that the guidelines are inapplicable to the situations you’re facing and need to be improved? Meet with your chapter lead today to discuss how to improve the guidelines to improve your ability to get results.
            • If no, please follow the guidelines, starting from today and report your progress tomorrow to the chapter lead.
      • YES.
        • Can you tell us more about those guidelines that have lead to your success?
          • Would you like to improve those guidelines?
          • Would you like to share those guidelines with anyone else?
        • Is there anybody from the chapter that would like to apply these guidelines to their work?
  • Chapter members from different squads
    • Share the latest issue and finding on their squad related to this chapter
    • Exchanging context between different squads within the same chapter
    • Testing arguments and idea validation, for example whether one method in a squad can be implemented in another squad


60 minutes


Chapter  members from all squads.

Meeting style

Guided decision making jury-system, lead by chapter lead

Documents and data used

  • Discussing issues & solutions
    • Coda

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