How Do We Measure Your Development?

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 13, 2023

1. Onboarding Journal + Novice Campaign

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Every new hires is given an onboarding journal, where it contains the general and specific (per role) materials that they need to learn and be knowledgeable of.

Novice campaign will be the very first campaign a new onboarding Vistern or Vistans is given. This campaign is to help leaders assess the matrix better as the task given are more narrowed and more realistically apply in the real working situation.

Period of usage: Onboarding Program that lasts for 1 month.

Users: Newly Onboarding Employees and Interns

2. Employee Journal

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Employee journal is where we document one’s performance (valid for full time and part time employees). Including your contract details, monthly performance evaluation and compensation table.

For more info, you can ask on Slack #ask-anything channel!

Period of usage: Employment Period

User: Full time and Part time employees

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