img Jey Bukitvista | September 13, 2023
  • At Bukit Vista, we value the concept of continuous learning. To facilitate this learning, Bukit Vista provides you with learning resources.
  • Mentorship. At Bukit Vista, you are more than welcome to seek guidance and mentorship from any of us. Most of us will be busy, but if you ask, we’ll never be too busy to help.
    • For more details, refer to “Benefits at Work”.
  • At Bukit Vista, we adopt the Socratic method.
    • Instead of providing the answers, mentors are encouraged to question the mentees. This serves as an opportunity for the mentees to think critically and arrive at the answers independently.
    • Watch this video to further understand about socratic method applied in Bukit Vista!
  • At Bukit Vista, we also believe in being radically candid.
What it means to be Radically Candid. Source: https://www.radicalcandor.com/our-approach/
    • To care personally, yet challenge directly can lead to profound change and growth.
    • Force the world to give you feedback
    • Pass feedback to the teams that need it

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