Squad Formation

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What is a squad?

Squad is where you work and implement your special skills into real goal. This is where you will report your work result.

FAQs about Squads

What is a squad?A squad is a team of cross-functional members that work together autonomously to achieve a mission. The squad is usually comprised of 5-6 members, but no larger than 7-8. They have end-to-end responsibility and ownership over the outcome of a particular user journey, feature, or campaign. Common examples of squads in life could include. Jazz band Airplane CrewKitchen Crew The following groups are not squads, because they are large teams, often with centralized leadership, and aren’t purposed for agility. Conductor & Marching BandsTeacher & ClassCurrently we have 3 different Squad in the company:Guest SquadPartner SquadEmployee SquadRecruitment Bukit Vista
Why does BV use squads?A squad is an agile & lean team that has high ownership, full-context and works well in an innovation climate. Since a squad has all the context & resources it needs to achieve a mission, they are not limited by dependencies, permission-asking and other behaviors that slow down innovation.
A squad is a small team, so they’re able to pivot quickly and also have low communication overhead since the team works in close proximity with each other.
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What is the difference between squad and chapter?A squad and chapter might share members, but the purpose of each group is different.
The members of a squad typically don’t share skillsets but they share a common mission. For example, as a diner you might have your dinner meal cooked by 3 different chefs. Your steak is done by the roast chef. The mushroom sauce by the sauce chef. The cold-station chef prepared your salad. Together, the chef squad delivered your meal.
At Bukit Vista, there are 3 primary squads: guest squads, partnership squads and employee squads. Each squad has a mission to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transform their respective users. Guest squads transform guests. Partner squads transform partners. Employee squads transform employees.
The members of a chapter, on the other hand, share a skillset but might work on different missions. For example, using a restaurant analogy, there might be three shifts for the chefs. One for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. There might be a breakfast sauce chef that prepares hollandaise sauce for breakfast patrons, a lunch sauce chef that makes salad dressing for lunch diners, and a dinner sauce chef that makes mushroom steak sauce for dinner customers. All sauce chefs know how to make sauces, but they serve different groups of diners.
At Bukit Vista, we have 7 chapters. Awareness. Conversion. Transformation. Advocacy. Team Management. Business Intelligence. Product Development.
Currently we have 6 chapters in the company : Awareness Advocacy Conversion Transformation Business Intelligence Product Development LeadershipRecruitment Bukit Vista
What is the role difference between Squad Lead and Chapter Lead?#SyelynnSquad LeadOversee the SLA compliance for each user funnelMay request to Chapter Lead to provide team member(s) with certain skillsets to their squadChapter LeadEnsure each team member under the chapter have shareable skillsets, enables them to go to their specific user funnel (or any user funnel when needed)Main responsibility to oversee:Resource allocationTrial program (pairing sessions, presentations, etc.)Onboarding program (assigning coach/mentor, pairings, etc.)Chapter members may look for mentorship opportunities to chapter lead, for better personal growth and improve technical skillsSyelynn Arifin

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