Squad Weekly Sync-Up

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 15, 2023

Meeting type: Decision-making meeting

In Bukit Vista, we have a total of 3 squads according to the user funnels that we’re focusing our goals and objectives on, they are: Guest, Partner, and Employee Squads.


General Meeting (20 MINS OR LESS)

  • Progress report with individual & team understanding
  • After each squad meeting, it should be clear for each team member:
    • Am I personally making progress towards my goals?
      • What is my improvement plan if I’m unsuccessful in my SLA?
      • How will I invest in practices that are producing results for long-term, sustainable progress?
    • Is the team making progress towards our goals?
      • What is the team improvement plan to achieve it’s goals?
      • How will the team ensure that progress is achieved by the next sync-up?
    • Is the company making progress towards it’s goals?
      • What is the company improvement plan to achieve it’s goals?
      • How will the company ensure that progress is achieved by the next sync-up?

Breakout Meeting (40 MINS OR MORE)

  • If we are not making progress, then we need a specific plan to fix the issue, detailed in
    • Adoption: the plan is clear, the goals are set, and the methods work. The team is not executing correctly. Funnel manager will meet with their team to present their progress before a team management expert.
    • Inspection: the plan is clear, the team is working on the problem, however it’s unclear why we are not reaching our goals. Funnel manager will meet with their team to present their progress before a qualitative & quantitative expert.
    • Tools/Guidelines: the plans/goals are clear, the team is working on the problem, but we need better tools or guidelines


  • Squad lead:
    • Reviewing the report of each funnel stage KPI and SLA with the goal:
      • Determine the correct guidance to be assigned to each funnel manager for broken/missing SLAs
      • Assign guideline refinement task to each chapter to be discussed in squad breakout meeting
  • Funnel manager give updates
    • What is the overall performance achievement for the funnel?
    • If the funnel lacks performance, what are the steps that have been already taken to improve the situation?
  • Chapter members:


60 minutes or less




Squad members from all chapters.

Meeting style

Guided decision making jury-system, lead by squad lead

What is a jury-system meeting?

The squad lead listens to the evidence during a meeting (SLA report, KPI, etc), then decides what facts the evidence has established, and draws inferences from those facts to form the basis for their decision.

Documents and data used

  • (Old) KPI and SLA tracking system
    • Squad Trello Board
  • (New) Squad guideline adoption, KPI, and SLA inspection system
    • Coda

Meeting roles and responsibilities

  • Chairperson
    • Lead & conduct the meeting
      • Examine each SLA for success/failure
      • Examine the root cause of an SLA failure
        • Determine if it’s an adoption/tool/inspection issue
        • Ask for opinions from the rest of the team to the accuracy of the diagnosis
      • Delegate the funnel manager to meet with the domain expert to develop a plan
    • Adopts the Socratic Method to investigate & understand the key frictions & success points of each campaign
      • Facilitate opinion and idea
      • To sharing the screen during chairing.
      • Set and prioritize topic for discussion and keeping time
  • Secretary
    • Take note and highlight important discussions
    • For each discussion
      • Write the conclusion – what is the plan for the next week
      • Write the decision (done, pending, will be followed up)
      • Date of follow up
    • Responsible as time keeper in the session.
  • Engineer
    • Record the meeting (prepare it first using Recruitment whereby profile)
    • Upload on Youtube
    • Edit the title, description & thumbnail, playlist related to sync up the topic


  • Squad meeting will be followed by meeting for each chapter in the same squad in the next hour

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