Chapter Formation

img Jey Bukitvista | September 13, 2023

What is a chapter?

Chapter is a group of people that working on the same purpose with similar skillsets. One chapter can spread their members into different squads.

Chapter is where you improve your skills and knowledge

To illustrate better, let’s use Orchestra as example.

  • An orchestra is a squad
  • An orchestra consists of different people playing different instrument, like string instruments, wind instrument, percussion, and choirs. These different instrument groups are a chapter.
  • During training and rehearsals, chapter members gather to improve their skill in their specific instruments. We call this Chapter Workshop.
  • At some point everyone need to gather to see if all chapters are playing correctly, we do this at the Squad Weekly Sync-Up.

Here’s how chapters are arranged in Bukit Vista:

Awareness chapterTo drive traffic into leadsMarketing,Outreach
Conversion chapterTo drive leads into partners, bookings, and employment agreements.Sales and persuasion
Transformation chapterTo transform our users to inspire delightCommunity management,Community activation
Advocacy chapterTo inspire newer users to join our user communitiesNurture and reward
Business intelligence chapterStrategic / InspectionAnalytics
Engineering chapterStrategic / OptimizationTechnology and development

Chapter lead

Chapter is led by a chapter lead. The main objective of a chapter lead is:

  • Discover insight of opportunities on leadership level
  • Create strategic planning for long term growth and goal setting
  • Provide necessary resource for the chapter to increase productivity, including:
    • Planning for hiring
    • Adding/removing chapter member
    • Assigning chapter member to squads
    • Nurture and grow chapter member and become a mentor

Vice chapter lead

To implement strategy and mission, vice chapter lead have these objective:

  • Translate strategic planning into execution
  • Optimize guideline adoption within chapter members
  • Inspection of campaign effectiveness

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